четверг, 12 августа 2010 г.


I've been using a lot of paint in my latest scrapbooking and my canvas is a little bigger then 12x12 and I'm not enjoying it as much as traditional scrapbooking...

Yeah, you don't realize how big your ceiling is until the day you have to paint it. And who said you should only use weights for exercise or weight training? Doesn't matter what you do around the house, as long as you get sweat running down your back - it all counts. At least I think so.

Why do I even complain when I have such a great help? These little hands get into everything and volunteer to add just a little bit more work anytime! My other daughter says - maybe she is the next famous designer.

Besides those little hands I do have some real help from other two pair of hands where the first ones reassembled entire chandelier after its being cleaned and the other ones captured all these memories on camera.

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  1. ohh wait... just went back reading all the comments i left.. that was not suposed to be "babyshki" that was "baby" with an ending... like Babichka... so not right!