среда, 1 сентября 2010 г.

Time flies

Time flies. You can't really see it flying like a butterfly or hear it flying like a plane, you can only see the changes it makes as it keeps flying by.

These two... I can close my eyes and see them playing together in the sand, running around the park, splashing in the water, walking holding hands, screaming with joy when they see each other and crying when they had to say goodbye.

Now entering teenage years makes me a little sad that time flew by way faster then I was expecting.

If I could change one thing when they were growing up, it would be - taking more pictures. A lot more pictures. I wish I knew about scrapbooking back then, which changed the way I think about pictures now and taught me to grab camera more often then phone or keys or purse.

And I could wish for one thing to stay the same -it would be friendship they share as cousins. I wish it never changes but grows stronger and deeper with years.

2 комментария:

  1. That almost made me cry reading about Alena i Alina, so sweet!

  2. I agree with Anka... and girls... PLEASE keep that friendship like that for the rest of your life! Let no one ever come in between you 2! I only wish i had a close cousin, friend, sister like that as a best friend... cherish it!!!