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16-photo LO!

Sharing the last page I did for a friend. She knew I'll be making one about her niece, but this one was a surprise. I wanted her to have a piece with a lot of photos on a page that will remind her of her visit to US.

I tried to keep the LO fairly simple for three reasons: 1. It was already busy with so many pictures on it 2.Pictures were so pretty, I didn't have to dress it up with embellishments and 3. There wasn't that much free space left for them anyway.

I hand cut the USA letters, since I didn't have such big letters in my stash.

For the journaling, I wrote a little letter from America...

... and finished off with a few printed tags like the words year and "memories". I guess giving it to her unexpectedly made it all worth the effort of putting it together. And whether she really liked it or not I don't know, but she did have a tear in her eye when she looked at it... Hope she has the very best memories from visiting this country!

Lately I've been thinking...

I wish I was doing project life this year and recorded little everyday moments, especially when our youngest one is at such a fun age. Well, my problem is - I love to begin new things! But I'm not very good at keeping up with things. My vacation mini book is still not finished... I am better at finishing pages though. Anyway, I wanted to try to incorporate some of those little things into blogging. Little everyday moments from our life.

Why? Because I want to remember these little things and because there a whole lot more memories than I have time to ever scrapbook them all. Eventually, some of these will make into a scrapbooking LO. Others will remain here for us to go back and read them.

So, at the end of each post I'll write one of those moments. Just a tiny little bit. As much as it would've fit on one of Becky Higgins 3x4 journaling cards. And I'll write it in pink for now. Again, it may not work. I may not be able to keep up with this for too long, but it is worth trying. And now for


"We have this thing going on at our house between the oldest and the youngest one. Almost each time our phone rings, they try to guess who is calling. And among the guesses Liana makes, the most frequent one is - Ira! For some reason she thinks Ira has nothing else to do. She likes talking to Ira on the phone. When she was younger she used a remote control or a calculator to call Ira... Well, this was her latest invention. Seems like Ira was telling her something exciting..." Sweet moment.

Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. This makes me wanna cry!!! The little moment post that is! If Lianochka only knew how much I love her!!!!! I know they are my family, but I really have the BEST neises and nephews!! Love them all SO
    And Anya, the LO is awesome!! I saw Dashas reaction so I know how much she cried and loved it! This was extremely nice of you!!! And the simplicity, actually sometimes less is more! :-)
    And by the way, I just lied to you... yes I am writing a comment! I could not not write one after reading that!!

  2. Awww Baby just noticed... are you calling me from the blinds?? So sweet!!! yet so strange... You are way too cute Lianochka!!! :-)

  3. I like the color tone of your pictures. Are you using mostly 50mm?

  4. Thank you Ira! You know she loves you too!

    And for lens question - most of the pictures on a LO, I believe were taken with a Nikon point and shoot camera. I do like them too. And for the ones I took, I used 55-250mm lens. Thanks for asking.

  5. Anya I had no idea you were working on this page for Dasha, I only new about little Eva. That was so nice of you to do that! It turned out so beautiful and full of memories. And I absolutely love your journaling, it is so touching! I bet Dasha will be looking at this piece of art many, many times and having good memories coming back to her.

  6. "That moment" is so cute, yea somehow all our kids loved talking to their favorite aunt Ira on fake and real phones :-)
    Interesno Ira komy eto tvoi detki v bydyushem zvonit bydyt, kto zhe ydostoitsya takoy chesti? :-)

  7. Mne konechno! Ya prosto ne znau za chto oni tak silno budut menya lubit'?

  8. It could well be, but I guess we would just have to wait and see :-)

  9. What a great gift to give someone else, the gift of memories that will last forever not just in her mind but also on paper! I just don't know where you find the time to make pages for other people??? Keeping up with my own is challenging enough :)

  10. hahaha Anya WOW you just made me laugh!! Umm yeah i wonder too, why would they call you? But then they just might... if you take many pictures of them! ;-) but then guys i think they are going to be calling your kids, not you :-/ we'll just wait and see :-)

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  12. Hi everyone!!!! This is exciting!!!!

  13. Awwwww HIIII Alexander Ryabukha!!!!! Ohh wow this IS exciting :-D