пятница, 14 декабря 2012 г.

December Daily Days 7 - 11

Hello! Can you believe it's December 14th already? I can't. It feels more like December will be here in 14 days... But I do have a few more pages to share with you today.

Day 7:

Again, I didn't have anything great happening this day, so I just asked everyone to fill out cards with questions to record some of our favorites at the moment. I think it will be fun to read these in a year. Picture includes one of my favorites...

Day 8:

This moment made Liana's day! She was so excited to see Santa at the store. The little one had no clue what was happening though...

Day 9:
My girls attended a Birthday Ice Skating party this day. My daughter got this picture from a friend that was taken with an iphone. It's not one with the best quality but it captures the moment. I asked each one of my girls and my nieces to write something about the day and their notes are included in the envelope.

Day 10:

Got our fresh Christmas Tree this day! We didn't have time to decorate it, but at least we got it up and it was smelling so good! We couldn't keep Liana away from the tree. She kept decorating it with toys and drawings.

Day 11:

I added a smaller envelope for the journaling under the collage. Somehow, my days got confused and I have day 11 in front of day 10 in my December Daily. Just pretend you haven't noticed that. We are people and we all do mistakes.

I'm very sorry for confusing you with that "post" I had here a few days ago. That proves again that we are not perfect and our life doesn't go by the perfect plan we have in our mind. I just wasn't able to finish it at the moment and I didn't know I could revert it back from being published. Yeah, learn something new everyday:)

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon!

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Я извеняюсь. Но уже всё исправила:)

  2. Anya looks like you are doing great job keeping up with your DD. Very interesting pages and good memories, (so storoni kazhetsa eto tak legko, a kogda sraraeshsya sdelat to zhe to stalkivaeshsya s nepreodolimimi prepyadstviyami...)I wish I had my 11 days done too :(
    Sashen'ka so cute in all those candies, and nice pictures with Santa. Yea it was in my plans too..

  3. Do you put up real tree every year or is your first time?

  4. Anya, what color is your christmas tree this year? green and red?

  5. Нет Аня, не каждый год. Но в прошлом году я сильно хотела живую ёлочку и в этом году меня муж поддержал в этом вопросе!

    Катя, она украшена в бело-розово-серебристом цвете. Об этом на следующей страничке :)

    Таня, я занаю... вдох... выдох... иногда и настроение не то и обстоятельства не дают полностью встречать праздники как хотелось бы... Но это жизнь, а в ней грусть и радость тесно сплетены!

  6. Anya very nice pages… wish I had done as much as you… have a bad feeling that I might be finishing my book over the summer :-/ my problem is that I have too many pictures and I cannot fit them in a one day page. Anyway agree with Tanya, Sashenka does look so cute in those pictures!!! Anya your Sashenka does too :-D haha

  7. Ira, that's why it is a good idea for you to start doing Project Life album, so you can put the rest of your pictures in it. :) Think about it...the new year will start very soon. And you don't know maybe the new year will bring a lot of exciting events that you would love to take pictures of ;)

  8. IRKA! HA-HA, ne tot Sashen'ka!!!!! you made me laugh, I really needed that, даже мои запухшие глаза просветлели капельку. Даа, после очередного вечера разговоров с дорогими нам друзьями, и убедившись что надежды что то изменить уже нет, пролив немало слез понимаешь что приходится смирится как бы нам этого нехотелось :(
    Да Аня такова наша жизнь наполнена и радости и грусти. Одно только утешение, что сдесь мы временные жители, а впереди вечные обители, и самый дорогой наш Друг никогда нас неоставляет. Как же только несчастны те у кого нет той надежды, нет утешения в скорбях, потерях и разлуках. Рим.12:12Фил 4:4 :)

  9. Этот комментарий был удален автором.

  10. Mne osobenno zhalko detok v takoi situation (andreya i zhenu) ved oni bukvalno druzhat s samih pelenok.

  11. Katya i have tought about it, and even if i would do such a thing it would also be digital :)

    And Tanya thanx for catching that :) haha i do think they both are cute!!

    And Tanya & Anka agree with you both with sadness and heartbrack... so so sad! There are days i think i'm mad, and then i'm sad and then i wanna be as nice as possible because don't know when will be the next time i see them all :-( Zhenichku i Andushku ochen' zhalko!!! I think they really don't even realize what excactly will happen yet... :-(

  12. ...Согласна со всеми... просто печально... в таких случаях скорее хочется туда где не будет ни слёз, ни переживаний, ни разлук ни печали! И разве не радость что билет туда бесплатный!!!

  13. Odni Sashi vokrug! I cant believe that my sis even named her baby Sashei even though both her and her hubby have brothers with this name