четверг, 13 мая 2010 г.

My pick of the week

I love those roundtable episodes on Paperclipping.com. That is so much fun. Like different topics they talk about, people they have on the show, and information they provide. Oh, and Noel is so sweet. Anyway, each time they make their Pick of the Week, I think what would I have chosen? And the first thing that comes to my mind is the item I use every time I create, and I really apreciate it.

My pick of the week is Tombow adhesive tape runner. It is great. Don't know how I used to scrap without it. I heard that dots are better, but my craft stores don't have it. So, for me this is the best. My favorite tool right now.

I have a couple of layouts done, but no camera to take a picture of them. This week I get to experience what life is without a camera... Hopefully there will be another one pretty soon...

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  1. now u can see how it is for the rest of us... life with no camera... or life with just a simple "cheep" camera :-)