суббота, 8 мая 2010 г.

Ordinary day...

Today was a perfect, busy, ordinary day. And I really enjoyed it. Even though I still had remnants of cold, and our baby didn't have the best sleep at night, I still enjoyed it. It was the day when whole family was home. It was busy and noisy around here, but I felt blessed. It was beautiful windy spring day that felt a little like fall, and I love fall.

Today I had a privilege to listen to live music, performed by my oldest daughter, Yelena. Today I appreciated Suzanna's patience when her baby sister was messing up her hair. Today I enjoyed hearing Liana's baby talk, when she was pointing at a picture in a book and telling me what she sees. Today I felt lucky to have my husband work on house improvements. Today I was thankful for cool weather which was perfect for taking a walk. Today I was grateful that my children offered help while I was working on these Russian cookies (it seems like this family can not survive without sweets).

There wasn't a celebration here today, nothing special happened, but I felt blessed. Blessed to have a family. Blessed to enjoy another day that the Lord has made.

Count your blessings!

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