вторник, 23 августа 2011 г.

Two layouts

Today I wanted to share two layouts that share the same design element - circles with butterflies (I first saw that idea on Jennifer Gallacher's layout and my first LO is basically a scraplift of her page). One LO was done about a month ago, but I was waiting for the journaling on it, and the other one was just done over the weekend.

I've read one of Ali Edward's articles before, where she encouraged people to repeat designs. First of all, nobody will probably ever notice that, and second of all, the point is not in inventing new things every time we create, but in preserving memories and telling our stories.

I've said it before, I love 12x12 format. It gives you so many more options for design and photo placement on the page, but there's something about 8.5x11 that let's you finish a page so much faster. I always feel a little braver starting with a base that has just a couple of inches trimmed of the sides.
Loving my butterfly stamp set by Martha Steward. Sometimes it feels like any page could use a butterfly. I guess having 3 girls has something to do with it.

I printed my journaling on a card and placed it in the pocket. This is a good way to hide some notes you don't want everyone to see.

The journaling card easily slides out of the pocket, and since it was longer than the pocket I didn't adhere that overlay paper alongside of the pocket to give space for the card. (If it makes any sense.)

For my second page I used almost exclusively papers from one of my favorite stacks by DCWV (except one that I punched circles of).

This is a very simple LO, with two studio photos. As you can see, photographer didn't do a very good job on taking those photos, making them way to dark. But these are two of not very many pictures I have of Alena in that age.

For the title I used a word sticker by Colorbok. Love that sticker set. I has nice fonts and it is in brown. For some reason I have hard times using black letter stickers on my pages.

Journaling paper strip had to be stitched in place, because that pretty glitter paper just didn't want to hold anything.

Got to go enjoy our last day of summer vacation with my kids! I had a whole lot of plans for today. Seems like I'm trying to fit it in everything we haven't had time for before. I wish we could stretch this day and make it at least 72 hours longer. (Sorry working people) Have a wonderful August twenty third!

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  1. I thought I'd check the blog and what do I find here? Two gorgeous LOs! I just love the journaling pocket, I actually have one lo in progress that has the same idea with the journaling inside a pocket. love it!
    The journaling on both of them is so touching... very nice!

  2. Go enjoy the beautiful weather outside, it's just wonderful!

  3. Thank you Lora, you always seem to notice little details. And, Yes, we did go enjoy outside today. We played with the kids in the park and then I took them all to the store and for some ice cream... Last day of summer vacation...

  4. Anya,
    I'm totally flattered you were inspired by me, but frankly I'm TOTALLY inspired by your gorgeous style. WOW! These are so pretty and so delicate and so many pretty details. Amazing! Thanks for letting me know so I could take a peek. :)


  5. Anya very beautiful layouts!! Like the soft colors and butterflies, and you can put them on every page, works with me. :-)
    Love the journaling on the second page, it is so true nice to hear all those compliments, but the best wish for our kids and the most prayers are for them to be the children of GOD!

  6. Thank you sister! I still hope that someday you will surprise me with a page of your own... :)

  7. Anya, beautiful pages as always. Vsetaki te butterflies smotryatsya luchshe in pink chem brown.

  8. Yea Anya, I do love details, but I restrained myself from commenting on everything that I liked and all the little things that work on the pages :) I would be writing for a long time :)))
    Sounds like you had a great time. A memorable day to remember as the "last day of summer" (and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lo sometime in the future :)

  9. Катюша, мне просто хотелось быстрее ее закончить, а также не хотелось чтобы коричневый привлекал внимание, т.к. они не главные на странице... :)

  10. Anya, mne kajetsya chto Alena i Liana tak sil'no hopoji. Osobenno na toi picture gde Alenka sama.

  11. Я согласна, только у них немного глаза другие :)