вторник, 14 февраля 2012 г.

Happy Tuesday!

This past weekend we attended a baby shower "Russian style" - which is celebrated after baby is born. I just wanted to share a few pictures from the party, like these gorgeous cupcakes...

... or this delicious cake...

... or this cutest cake made by a very talented friend of ours:

... I wish I could go fill my plate there again... everything was so yummy!

And here is the reason of the party - sweet little baby boy!

... and here he is with his happy Mommy:
We had a great time! But it was kinda hard to keep an eye on the little one, because every couple of minutes he was stolen by somebody else...

And now I have another page to share for today. I realized it's in blue colors too. Lately I've been drawn to this color a lot. Is there a reason? I remember making pink after pink page last year, but out of 12 layouts I made this year - 9 of them have blue as a dominant color. Here is a "Together" page:

This page looked a little heavy on pictures until I added the title right in the middle of picture collage. I think it helped to soften the page a little.

Working with older photos is not always the easiest part. Colors in pictures are not as bright and picking papers for them was a little challenge for me. I decided to go with dreamy, dusty blue colors, since it was a while back. I used mostly papers from "Lost&Found" collection and added a piece from the "Fine&Dandy" paper pad.

These are both 6x6 paper pads. I have placed my scissors beside them for the picture to underline the scale. I really enjoyed working with 6x6 paper pads last week. This page (except the blue background paper, was made with those small 6x6 papers.

My last winter layout was completely made out of 6x6 paper pads, except one brown strip across the middle. Actually using exactly the same two paper pads.

So, 6x6 paper pads are not just for card making or adding small pieces of paper. You can make entire large 12x12 layouts using just these small paper collections.

Thank you for visiting and I'll see you soon again!

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  1. AWWWW!!!! Cutesiiii woootsiiii baby!!!!! Masenkiy tak sladko spit!!! :-D and by the way, Anya Grinevich is amazing!!!! Those cupcakes were as delicious as they look!!! And the baby on the cake… I just would never thought of doing that! So clever!!! :) And Lorik, you are such a beautiful mommy!!! And the food was yummy!!! We should do this again :-D hehe
    Anya thanks for taking pictures! This is definitely a good memory to have, and I’m glad I was a part of it ;-)

  2. Hehehe. So adorable!!!!! Dimachka officially stole part of my heart! The party was great. Pics are awesome. I am coming over for a photo session.

  3. Yes the party was great! Anya that picture of table with all the delicious food makes me hungry, wouldn't mind having some t. Tasini golubsi ta i tortikov bi neprotiv. Ochen vse vkusno bilo!
    I felt really lucky chto v moyu ochered Dimochka zasnul i tak mne ydalos poderzhat ego namnogo bolshe chem drugim :)

  4. Anya so wonder why you keep choosing blue color for your pages, just getting ready for a boy. You will be making MANY MANY more blue pages past JUNE 2012. I think this color looks really good on this layout. Very nice! Remember that day so well, like yesterday!

    Who is ANONYMOUS?

    Any yes Anya G. did a wonderful job decorating!!

  5. Tanya that’s a very good observation, Anya does use blue a lot now ;) and now you made me look at the picture of the table with the food again and now I’m hungry! That food was GOOD!!! But I can’t eat a lot.. my husband said that a surprise” is waiting for me after he takes me out for dinner! ;) SO SWEET!!! Just absolutely LOVE him!!! ;) Just need to do something about this Vladik situation :-D anyone wanna rent him? :-D
    And ANONYMOUS: you can’t do that! You gotta write your name ;) not like your “hinting” of your hart being taken by Dimochka is not giving it away but Anyaaa plus then we can talk about your cupcakes :-D I want one right now!!!

  6. Lora, thank you for letting me share these pictures!

    Thank you Anonymous for visiting, but we reeeally would like to know who you are :)

    Did everyone have a good Valentines Day? Seems like Ira did... poor Vladik, gde zhe vi ego ostavili?

  7. We know who Anonymus is!! It's Anya Grinevich! :)
    And YES!! I really did have an awesome Valentines Day! :) The food was so good that my stomach is still full!!! Love my sweet husband so much!! :) He should stop spoiling me like this!! :) <3 (Don't tell him I said that!) ;)

  8. wow beautiful baby shower!!! Lora looks so beautiful as a mom and Dimochka is really adorable :) Glad Ira you had a good valentine's day!! enjoy it while you don't have kids :))) but it's okay even though yesterday I was really sick, husband brought me a nice dinner home and we had a great valentines day at home as a family!! I feel like a balloon can't wait until I will have my two little babies!! Then all the fun will begin LOL...

  9. He-he... Ira M. I guess feeling "balloony" is a part of our situation :) And sometimes I feel like I have 3 in there not one... So, you should be doing good for carrying twins!

  10. thanks girls, but the truth is that this mommy is very very tired and not looking her best. Right now life is running on low sleep and very little time for self...But it's all worth it for the little munchkin whom we love so so much!
    Thanks everyone for coming and celebrating with us (although I was feeding him or changing diapers most of the time hehe) but everyone was able to socialize and I hope have a good time in fellowship.
    Do this again? Hmmm... Devochki, ne toropite sobitiya ;) There's four more ladies in line next :D

  11. and anonymous, I hope to see you all the time here now!!!!!!!!!! or else.... ;)
    (and thanks so much again for all you did! You are just awesome as someone stated already :P)