понедельник, 13 февраля 2012 г.


Thank you February for showing us what winter should really look like...

It seems like we were not the only ones who were confused about the season...

Actually we knew that we always get the most snow in February, but still complained. I guess it's a part of the human nature.

I haven't scraplifted a page in a while, so when I read Stephany's last post (you can read it here ) I decided to try one of her favorite techniques and scraplift her page. It was a color blocking technique. I should admit, I didn't think I'll like the creating part this much, but it was so much fun. I'm sure I will repeat it again sometimes.

My sticker and a journaling spot are glued on temporarely, since I will need to add some typing to them.

The fun part is that in this type of page you can mix and match some papers that otherwise I would've had hard time using together on the same page, but here they seem to go well.

It's a great way to use up some leftover pieces of paper.

Thanks for stopping by and have a very happy Monday! Hope to be back very soon and share some fun stuff like baby pictures. Hope my friend will let me :)

See you!

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  1. Anya very nice page, remindes me of SPRING! Хочу весну, хотя ты сказала нежаловатся на природу, ну ладно прийдётся ещё немного подождать.
    Мне так нравятся Лианочкины выражения на этих фотках. И у меня вот вопрос возник интересно она родилась у тебя такой фотогиеничной или у неё небыло выхода а пришлось такой стать, так как мама так любит фотографировать. Лианочка наверное так росла и думает что у всех так входит в ежедневное расписание как кушать, спать, сфотографироваться :-)
    Anyway she does a very good job at modeling for your scprapbook pages!

  2. Yeah Anya very nice LO! :) and yes, just love Lianochkin facial expression :) i guess the confusing weather did confuse you, for doing a "spring" LO, and confused the flowers ;) but i have to disagree with the commenter above me, i still want some snow! I just feel like when we have the one, big snow store that makes us dig out for awhile, then we start wishing for spring... for me it didnt happen yet! Its just too sad i guess if it does happen and those little flowers that Anya took a picture of will not make it :(

  3. Marusya, i like ur comment about Liana. Mne kajetsya ona takoi rodilas', tak kak ya Danika do sih por ne mogy ysadit' dlya portrait photo.

  4. Девочки, на счет Лианы я не знаю... мне кажется она просто привыкла к тому что мама с фотоаппаратом носится... она и сама много раз других фотографировала чем попало - игрушками, пультом...

    Ха-ха Ира, weather confused me to make a spring page... как раз на прошлой неделе и было достаточно снега, но не достаточно зимних фотографий :) И я согласна, что одного большого снегопада нам еще нехватает для полного счастья :)

    Катя, мне кажется что с Даником - it's a boy thing :)

  5. I agree, Anya, that this is a nice way to use up all your little pieces of scrap paper.

  6. By the way, it comes together pretty quickly too! You should try it sometimes when you feel like making a LO but don't have much time :)