среда, 25 апреля 2012 г.

A few cards

Hello. I'm a back a day later than promised, again. Well, blogger has changes the whole design and the way you look at your blog and posts and I should say I'm NOT enjoying it. With the older version it was so easy, and now you have to relearn this whole thing. I know, they probably wanted to do it to improve and make it better, but for now all I see is that it stops me from jumping in and adding a quick post. I guess I'd have to adjust to it. Maybe some day I'll agree that the new version IS better.

If you've been visiting me a couple of times before, you've probably noticed that I don't do many cards. I enjoy making pages with photos and stories more than cards. But last week I decided to make a few cards to have on hand, because I caught myself needing one when I didn't have any ready to use and didn't have time to make one at the moment.

I started with some 6x6 paper pads and made 5 cards using basically same supplies. Chances are they will all go to different people anyway. My main embellishments for all of them were flowers cut out from an Authentique Collection. I purposely made them pretty flat (no pop dots or ribbon), so that they can be easily mailed. Here they are a little closer:

Now I need to mail one of the Thank you cards to a very generous friend of mine!

Hope you have a great day and I'll see you later!

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  1. Wow Anya, VERY NICE cards!!! Thanx so much for make them all for me :-D oh not for me? Well fine... but for who ever they are, i'm sure they will enjoy it!!! :-) very cute!!!

  2. Anya very lovely and prefessional looking cards! Kept going throug them trying to decide wich one I like the most and it was so hard to choose, they all look so good! Still I think the winner for me is best wishes one next to butterfly card. I don't know it is just different i poxozhe kak bi tsvetochki na belom garden zabore, kak v zhivuyu. Anyway great job!
    Just remember where you put them this time, because when I REALLY needed one and I was willing to pay a lot of money for it, you couldn't find it :( :)

  3. Tanya that is an excellent idea!! Actually i really am willing to pay to get pretty cards like these!
    Anya, here is my order: I want 3 Happy birthday cards, 1 Congratulations card (make it blue-ish :-D) and 2 Happy Mothers Day card! Thank You! Let me know when i can pick up my order :-)

  4. Анечка, как всегда, красотища!!!очень красиво, ты все очень со вкусом и красиво делаешь!)

  5. Katyaaaaa.... yaaayyy :) znachet Katushe lutshe! Good!!! :-)

  6. Спасибо всем огромное что украли минутку времени зайти и оставить комментарий! Они меня вдохновляют на новые работы!

    Одной готова поделиться. Если успею сегодня, а если нет то завтра :)

  7. Lovely cards! I especially love the butterfly one! Classic and elegant!