четверг, 2 августа 2012 г.

And the answer is...

Thank you every one who responded to my previous post and took part in guessing what the picture meant. I enjoyed reading all of your guesses! Well, here is the story. I went to work in the garden and left the baby with Alena. Of course, he woke up immediately after I went outside and got my hand dirty. He loves to be outside, so Alena came up with a great invention - she put him in his car seat and placed it on a swing.

He really seemed to enjoy it! I thought it was very clever and wanted to take a picture of them... for the PL album... Yes, that's where the other picture happened. All it means is - I don't want my picture taken, I have a bad hair day.Then Katya went outside. Thankfully she had a good hair day, so we got a picture of her.

By the way, please notice that the skirt she is wearing was made by her. It may not be very wearable, but she is getting there! She made four skirts that day... Never, even in the most productive day I made four of anything.

I'm trying to work on that first page in little chunks of time. Hopefully it will be done soon. But I found another reasons I was afraid to do a LO again - my very last page before having a baby was a total miss. Totally not my style and I didn't enjoy working on that one. I don't think it's going to get into my album.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Xaxaxaxa :) KONECHNO!!! How did i not guess that?! Potomuchto dazhe kogda mi bili v Hershey Parke posle kazhdogo "ride" ey nado bilo srochno v tualet :) ya uzhe chut' ne nachela dumat' chto mozhet u neyo problemka, but no, no problemka... just needed to see her hair :-) haha its funny cuz i really didnt care, i was going on another ride anyway!
    Ohh and the swing idea... NICE!!! Did Sashenka like it? And Katya... i have no words! That is one special child! She is so not Tanya, or even me... wow! Nice skirt Katush!!! Keep doing what u doing! :)

  2. So, that's why there no pictures from Hershey Park of them... she took plenty of rides... hmm, did she think I needed roller coasters for PL? I wanted to see them enjoying the park!

  3. Haha :) well that probably some of my fault :-D i was running between rides to other rides and wanted to get on everything that was in sight (except the ride Fahrenheit, and storm runner... those are SCARY!!!) :-D so they didn’t have time, plus i don’t think she liked the camera that much :-D haha no kidding about the camera, but seriously how we all looked, that was not for pictures. I have a couple that I’ll sent to you :)

  4. That was so funny, somehow I din't think she was that my into her hair, don't know why. I did notice that she takes few outfits wherever she goes ( or at least when she rides with us) just incase she would need to change :)
    I love that picture of Sashen'ka sleeping peacefully. It is such a great idea!
    And of course my Katen'ka have know idea how can someone make 4 skirts in one day. And then she wanted us to get more fabric right away fabric, so she could make few more :) Well first few were just practice.

  5. I can make 7 skirts a day. maybe 8 if I skip lunch haha. and ira didn't go on rides cuz she a babbbyyyyy :D

  6. Oh and nice banner/logo at the top ;). i approve :D

  7. Vlad, I think it's time to put up YOUR picture, so that we can pick on YOU! :)))

    Таня, у меня есть пару кусочков материала, нужно ей отдать а то мои похоже пошли в тебя - на шитье их не тянет :)

  8. Anya... i APPROVE for Vladik pictures! And i can supply you with some "good" ones too!
    And Vladik, lets not begin... first of all i only did not go on 1, and second... no one cared abour their hair more then U!!! :-D so sweetness you are just a guilty :-)

  9. Anya are you telling me chto Katya nezarazila tvoix shit'em? A to u menya i Ritta i dzhe Zhenya chto to shili :)
    A poshli oni v talantlivogo papu, Vovochka ved tozhe shil.
    Vlad I would love to see your creative work, would you share with us at least one of your 8 skirts that you can make?!!!

  10. haha I didn't even care about my hair there. and I can supply realllllllyy good ones of u and sasha. and i know im sweet :D. and ill think about it if i wanna share or not :D

  11. Vladik... haha no u not! And u better NOT!!!! And yes you did! :))) haha