вторник, 7 августа 2012 г.


Good morning! Still no LO to share today, but I have started the second one already. I guess I was coming to working with a kit idea with an Olympic spirit! Just can't find a moment to finish a page right now. Hopefully I'll be able to do that soon. Even though I don't have anything to share here just yet, I am constantly taking more pictures, thinking about new pages to do and stories to tell.

We don't usually watch TV here. Most of the time we even forget we have a TV. That old box in the basement just stands there collecting dust. With the Olympic games on, it's a little different. There's something so inspiring about Olympic games that we had to wipe off some dust. Well, that might be  part of the reason that not much is getting done here right now...

Our kids always loved to play volleyball, but after watching some volleyball played by world champions they decided to improve their skills. Now, every time they get a free minute, that ball gets thrown in the air... It reminded me of myself and my sisters when we were little. Every time after watching figure skating we would practice wearing slippers on the carpet, thinking it looked just as awesome... Yeah, there's no limit to childhood imagination.

Don't you think these four have gold medal smiles on? Who knows, maybe someday this team will be recognized by more then just our neighbors. Poor neighbors, they can always tell when our team is in training session...

Sometimes they reward themselves for playing a lot on a hot summer day with a perfect peach smoothie. I love to participate in this part too! It is sooo delicious and very fat free. Seriously. It tastes so rich, but has only 3 to 5 grams of fat per glass!

This one is a little pink in color because Alyona added some strawberries, but all you need to make it is ice, peaches, Greek yogurt, honey and milk. We made that smoothie with mango and strawberries too. It is so cold and delicious! 

Do you watch Olympics? If you do, what is your favorite sport?

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  1. I used to watch olympics, few years back... but not anymore. When I did watch them, I absolutely loved figure skating! My favorite ever!!!
    I love the way you wrote everything on this post. I'm not a big fan of smoothies but I would give this one a try if Alena would make it for me, lol ato I'm too lazy to make one for myself.

  2. HAHA Anya that is SO true! I remember that! We loved doing that, figure skating, or later when we had a trampoline we would do gymnastics, and floor routines… haha so funny, and yeah we actually did think we were good :)
    But as for your kids, love that they even have a “team” uniform :) “red”, and traning session? Haha that actually stops sometimes? but gold medal smiles? Haha I should find my medals from school and give it to them, they can pretend that they r good :-D but if I would get that smoothie, which looks so delicious, I would also play :) that’s even better than a medal!!
    And the Olympics, yes we watch it at our house and also like it, except my husband seems to think that he can do it all that they show and even better, but does not get up from the couch to show me :) haha I tried a couple of things and he told me to sit, not sure what that was about :-D but as for favorites… I think I like a little of everything. Gymnastics I guess would be first for summer Olympics, but I like track, and diving and swimming… and winter of course I like figure scatting, and then skiing. How about you?

  3. Volleyball 2 on 2 is really fun to watch! the full teams are also fun to watch. :) oh and basketball.

  4. HAHA IRA!! You are not sure whtat that was about, when Sasha told you to sit :D That is too funny!
    Do you want me to tell why? :) (just kidding)
    Anya you forgot that not only we put slippers on, but the best part was when we would tear a page from notebook and slide on it and twist. Now that was like a true Olympic iceskating, even our parents enjoyed watching us, or at least they made it look like they enjoyed. :)

  5. By the way our teenage Olypmic red team got a little crazy with their training sessions. This past week they realized that there wasn't enough time in any given day to train, so they've been getting up earlier and earlier all week. I mean really they are up before 7 and as soon as they are done with early morning routine and reading their Bible, they are on the feild by 7:30 -8 am!! REALLY?!!

  6. Haha Tanya... no please don't write why he told me to sit down :) haha a za listiki, wow i totaly forgot!! we did do that, on carpet, and then it got so hot that it would burn :) ahh that was fun! :)

  7. WOW!!! They r up this early?!? To play?? Ahh... how i want to sleep right now!!! But i guess its kinda good for them to do that, school starts soon so it will be easier for them, and plus only a couple of weeks of summer left... can't belive i just said that... ONLY couple of weeks of summer LEFT!!! OUCH

  8. I used to watch Olymics all the time, now I just don't have time at all! So I only watched few replayes shor versions on youtube and one evening I watched russian teat playing beach volleyball and that's it. :(
    But when I used to have more time to watch,in winter Olympics I absolutely love figure skating aspecially couples, ski jumping.
    And in summer gymnastics of course, beach volleyball, team volleyball, swimming, jumping....
    Don't like basketball not like Vlad.

  9. Yes Ira listiki stavali goryachie i no nas eto neostanavlivalo, tol'ko kogda mi zametim chto bol'she needet i ostanovimsya, to v seredine listochka bil bol'shaya dirka :) Pomnish? yea i takix potom mnoooogo listochkov po vsey komnate bilo

  10. WOW!... This conversation has brought so many memories back! One more sport we liked to practice was tennis - using skinny hardcover textbooks instead of tennis rackets... Tanya you should remember that:)) I ordered a picture of our Olympic team for a layout and thought to use some of the blog post journaling on a page as Ali Edwards suggested. Thanks every one who participated in the conversation, now I feel like I need to expand my journaling :)