пятница, 22 марта 2013 г.

"Echo Park" paper cards

Hi! I was able to make two cards quickly last night. When I ordered this piece of paper by Echo Park, I knew it would be so easy to create cards with. Actually, that was the reason I got it.

 This paper is from the Valentines Day collection, but it doesn't mean that they have to be made for Valentines Day. I just love this white, black and pink color combination.

And a little closer (if you are interested):

 There was another one I started (I like making them in three), but my precious little one didn't let me finish. It will get finished eventually, but I didn't want to wait since I promised to be back today)

 By the way, his hair was done by his loving older sister Suzanna... Got to go now, because he started to sing louder than I can handle.

Until next time!

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  1. The paper is nice! And the cards are even nicer, like always!!! ;-)
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE his hair!!!!!! You have a beautiful son Anya!!! The pictures are just adorable!!!! :)))

  2. Thanks! If your guys need help with hair, Suzanna can help :)))))

  3. BTW i love how you worded it... "he started to sining louder than you can handle" :) haha thats too funny!

  4. Anya I kept looking at the cards and found only one little piece you used from the paper shown. But the cards are beautiful as always! Like the dimonds, goes perfectly with pinck colors.
    Sashen'ka is sooooo cute! Nice hair :)) great job Susana, I actually thought Liana did it :)

  5. Хаха, ты даже стала проверять использываемый матерьял:)) У меня было два листочка с этой коллекции и в основном я их здесь и использовала:)

  6. Lovely as always! A masenkii prosto takoi cutenii i xoroshenkii!! The are the true gifts from God, little angels here on earth! (until they grow up... lol jk)

  7. Да, говорят что у этих алгелочков чем длинней становятся ножки, тем короче становятся крылышки:))