понедельник, 22 апреля 2013 г.

Mother's Day cards...

Good morning! I made a few more Mother's Day cards last week that I like to share with you. First two are in pink and silver, using My Mind's Eye papers. Here they are in the order they were made. Number one:

a little close up

I was carrying the idea for the next one for a very long time and I finally decided to use it. And if you look a little closer you will probably realize that flowers in the vase on the background look a little too similar with the flowers on a card, well that's because they are. Card number two:

Those silver letter stickers by Recollection is one of my favorite things to use! I just love them. By the way, you can get them at Michael's.

The next two card were done in shades of yellow plus brown or grey. Also My Mind's Eye paper. Mostly the same 6x6 paper Pad. Here is number three:

And the last one:


Adding the hand cut leaves is one of my favorite parts of making a card lately. Maybe because it reminds me of my previous job in flower arranging.

That completes today's post. Hope you've found something here for yourself. Questions? Comments? I  would like to hear it all! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Until next time!

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  1. Anya the cards are so beautiful!!! can't even pick out a favorite! Must say though the one that you used your hydrangea flower is so clever! love that they are falling out of the envelope. And the color combinations yellow, brown and gray... never thought of those colors for mothers day cards, but they totally work! They are sweet, clean and just lovely! Good job! BTW i need 2 of them :-D thank you! Will pick them up next time i'm are your house ;)
    Ohh and i need 2 more birthday cards :-D thank you!

  2. прелести какие!! с конвертиком вообще супер милая!:)

  3. Ой, спасибочки девочки! За открытками заезжай в любое время, у меня коллекция уже немного увеличилась:))

    Алина спасибо за посещение и милые словечки!

  4. Oh wow just noticed that you finally finally finally changed your banner! I was starting to think you moved to MN! :) welcome to spring sister :)

  5. :))))) Thank you! I wanted to collect more pictures of Spring to make a collage, that's why it took so long:) Alenka helped me take some pics too:)

  6. Finally it looks like spring here!:) Anya you should've changed it early, that way at least on the blog it would feel like spring, when it's not so warm outside.
    Cards look great, the one with the envelope does stand out, very creative!

  7. Thank you! Sorry for freezing you for too long with the header :))