понедельник, 6 мая 2013 г.

A perfect afternoon gift...

A gift of free time - it's always wanted, needed and greatly appreciated! My two oldest ones grabbed two younger ones and went for a walk, letting me have some free time to enjoy. I could find some house work, but it was specifically mentioned to have time for scrapbooking. Is there a better gift for a Monday afternoon?

Spring is the beginning of a wedding season, that's why I wanted to make a few wedding cards. I know I will need at least one pretty soon, but I'll probably do a couple more.

There was a great sale at the Silhouette store last week - all of the shapes were 50% off. I bought a few shapes and this card features two of them.

I made a spot on the veil accidentally, but was too lazy to cut a new shape, so I decided to cover it with some sparkles, which turned out to be a happy accident :)

Another card was made for a bridal shower that I attended yesterday. 

I added a touch of pink for this one to soften the black/white color combination.

This one turned out super fast. I just used all the pre-cut and pre-made elements I had on hand.

Coffee is gone and time is running out... still wanted to finish at least one of four pages that I've collected on my table. They have two things in common: all are made in 8.5x11 format and all are missing journaling... No matter how hard I try, it still seems to be my most challenging part of the layout making.

Hopefully I can finish a couple of them tonight to share with you tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting!

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  1. That’s very nice of them to give you time for scrapbooking… they should do it more often for you! ;) and the cards are absolutely lovely! Love the wedding one… but must say, love love love the piano one! The pink added on it is just the right touch!!! I think I want that one!!! Seriously!!!! I will pick it up soon. Thank you! :)

  2. How sweet of them to give you such a needed gift!
    Ira you are just a little late with piano card, it was already given to someone on Sunday. Maybe Anya can make another one like this only Birthday card, you can give it to Sasha :)

  3. By the way, card are very beautiful, as always!
    Also thank you so much for letting me pick one for Sunday. I don't remember seeing that one here.

  4. Thanks! Yes, I really appreciated that time they gave me! And Tanya is right, I don't have the piano card anymore, but it can always be recreated :)