четверг, 25 февраля 2010 г.

A finished page. Really?

I'm back as I promised with a page. Even though I couldn't upload my image on that same day, I did finish a page yesterday. It was fun to go ahead and do something without overthinking all the little details.

I went with the first design I had in my mind, first paper choices, gray background (which is very unusual for me) and felt totally fine with that. So, I'm learning. Learning to go from "just dreaming about scrapbooking" to "actually doing it" .

Here is a layout about the last day of summer:

Will be back with some more. I need to learn how to photograph pages. And how to resize them too.

See you soon!

2 комментария:

  1. i WANT THESE SO SO MUCH!!!! WOW! the picture is SO realistic!!!

  2. Sorry this comment was not intented for here... it was for areshki!!! But this layout is also gorgeous!!! :-)