пятница, 3 декабря 2010 г.

Christmas Tree

I love that December is here, even though I will never get used to the speed it's approaching with each year. Yesterday we put our Christmas Tree up. We love to get it done early, so that we can enjoy longer, and for a change, it's a different color this year. Yes, it is pink. Well, with three girls in the house it was easy to guess.

I know it will not match perfectly the rest of our decor, but I gave up on perfect. Life isn't perfect, why should I stress out on something that supposed to bring JOY, not stress. So here we are with pink and silver Christmas Tree in our living room and burgundy with gold throughout the house. Welcome.

It was a little different to decorate the tree with these "not so little anymore" girls... They spent more time changing clothes and goofing around then actually hanging ornaments. But I love them just the way they are.

And this little one was so sweet wiping clean ornaments. We did have a few dusty ones that somehow got left out of the box for a year, but Suzanna took care of them. I guess she decided to do something she was good at, since ornaments she hung got rehung anyway (sorry, but we can't keep all the decoration on the bottom branches). We loved your effort sweetie, and your participation just made it so much more fun.

Going back to finish my journaling for DD day 2 now.

Have a great day!

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  1. Aww Anya cant belive no one left a comment on any of these pics... the r addorable!!!! LOVE em! Make u wish it was Christmas everyday! :-)

  2. ok... we i guess no one comments on old post except me... oh well...