пятница, 3 июня 2011 г.

Myrtle Beach layout

I'm back with my "Myrtle Beach" layout that has been sitting on my desk for a looong time now. Still not sure if I like the way title looks and don't like the fact that journaling pieces are all over the table, but never made it onto the page. Well, I'm sure there will be more pages from that trip and I could rewrite it for a new layout.

M and B letters were printed on white cardstock and cut out by hand:

I have a cork board on the wall in my creating corner. There are two spots for most recent layouts, which I replace every time I finish a new project, and I feel like this on is not going to go up since I'm tired of looking at it.

Have two more projects on the table. Hope they are not going to be staying there for too long. And one more thing: since our challenges are going to be 2 weeks apart for summer time, I would like to get you finished project by Friday, so that I have them ready to post over the weekend if possible. Thank you and have a great day!

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  1. Anya nice layout... but really love how u took a picture of you layout... not just the actual page, but how it really sat on your desk for a looong time like u said. Just one question... how did u take a picture of the layout if your camera is the table in the picture?? Hmmm, clever! Ohh and one more thing, did u not go to MB? You're not in the layout :-(
    Anyway... now i want to go to the beach!!!

  2. Ohhh Anya doshlo.... ya opyat foto smotrela, to linzi stoyat a ne fotik... ot clever zdelala, molodets!

  3. "now I want to go to the beach" - я и начала делать страницу на эту тему когда Катя была на пляже и мне тоже очень хотелось...

  4. А мне нравится сыр с чаем

  5. Я аж растерялась, так и незнаю что выбрать отдых на пляже или сыр с чаем!
    Хотя сыр с чаем звучит неплохо, но всётаки смотря на такую идеальную страничку- хочется туда.
    So, sorry Alexandriyka you lose this time :-)

  6. Anya, another lovely page! Love the feel of it. Nice pictures too! But I still don't know how you cut out those letter by hand....

  7. And that summer dress looks so cute...