понедельник, 28 ноября 2011 г.

Happy Thanksgiving

Is it too late to say that? Well I meant to post it right that evening or next morning, but it just didn't happen. Anyway, I just wanted to share a few Thanksgiving pictures before diving into December Daily. I made this cake with chocolate leaves (they are so much fun to make) and a few frozen berries:

And here is a collage of some other food from the holiday:

My little sister was making a turkey this year, but to be on the safe side we decided to bring one of our own:

I love Thanksgiving, and family is something I most thankful for - big and happy family:

There are only three more days left till December. It doesn't really feel that way when temperatures are in sixties, but winter will be here soon anyway! Hope you have a great day and find something to be thankful for not just on Thanksgiving Day but each and every day of your life!

I'll be back soon.

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  1. Very nice pictures Anya, and that cake was also good! Thank you all for coming over to my house this year, it was the least i could do for my wonderful mommy!!! She deserved a holiday off with no cooking (even though it didn't happen, she still insisted on bringing her delicious food) but at least she didn't have to do a lot and didn't have to clean up! It truly was a HAPPY Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Wow, Anya! Now you really have to teach me to make those leaves-they're absolutely gorgeous!!! That egg turkey is so cute too! By the way, I checked my machine needles and they were ballpoint and that makes sense as to why they make bigger holes in the paper. I went and got skinniest universal needles and was happy with the results. Now that's something to thank you about!
    I wonder what Alex is saying in the picture...

  3. Thank you sister for having us! It WAS a very nice Thanksgiving!

    Chocolate leaves - i'll sure will teach you! Egg turkey was Suzannas creation... And I'm glad you found the reason for those big holes! And Alex - he never stops talking :))

  4. Anya thank you for a refreshing memory of a wonderfull holiday! There are just so many things our God gave us to be thankfull for, defenately more than we deserve!
    Ira thank you so much for letting us celebrate our Thanksgiving at your house. It was very nice of you, and yes our mommy deserves a break! I think she really enjoyed her time and finally felt relaxed!

  5. Anka it is funny that you even noticed that Alex was saying something. Isn't it the norm? :-)
    I bet he was saying, where is my sister Anka:-)

  6. I think it's because I don't get to see him much anymore and I sort of forgot how he is... lol

  7. Anya, I also need you to teach me to stitch rounded corners well because mine don't come out really good :(

  8. What kind of cake is that with the leaves? Looks like Napoleon...

  9. What a wonderful reminder of Thanksgiving! And no Anya, it's never too late :)
    That decorated cake does look awesome! The leaves look so real. I'll come to the teaching session ;) Well, all the food looks good :)
    And the little turkey is so cute!
    Yes, we are truly blessed here in this country with everything that we need and even more!!! Thanksgiving should be every day for all the wonderful things that God has given us.

  10. I know Anka, her corners always look so perfect!

  11. Rounded corners are easy - you just have to stop at the right point and go one stitch at the time, slightly turning your paper until you pass the corner. :)

    And yes, that was a Napoleon (store bought dough by Pepperidge Farms) and for chocolate leaves - it's easier than it looks. Melt chocolate over low heat. Wash and pat dry rose leaves (I got mine from my bush outside - there were still a few left, just enough for cake. Dip them in chocolate and place to cool. Refrigerate for an hour. Leaves peel right off. Done!

    Hope to be back here tomorrow morning with DD post. :)

  12. Ira, i think everyone liked to have Thanksgiving at ur place, since there is so much room for all of us. Tak chto Christmas at ur house also? :)
    Anya, u really used fresh leaves from outside? i thought u used some kind of formochki. I guess since we are still alive they are safe.