вторник, 10 января 2012 г.

My new favorite item

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have finished a LO that was started last Friday, but I can's seem to go back to completing my DD. Holidays are over and I don't feel the same way I did during the month of December. We even took our Christmas tree down yesterday. Some snow would REALLY help right now. A lot of it! Otherwise I'll keep scrapping summer memories.

Here is a simple layout about some of our favorite memories of the 2010 summer:

I used a cluster of embellishments to add some balance to the page:

And for the "summer '10" I used my new very favorite item in scrapbooking world - it's a LilyBeeDesign letter stickers:

I can see now why people like them so much. They come in one 12x12 sheet of paper (I cut them in half for storage reason) with eight different sets of letter stickers. Perfect for so many reasons! Wish I could own every one of them. No, two of each!

And I also decided to finally share a peek of that mini album I've talked about a number of times here but never finished it.

Hopefully now I'll be up to completing this project before it goes totally out of style. I'm just not a very good writer and this little book requires a lot of it. Well, I do have a few stories down, but want to share them all together.
Now, there was a promise at the Shutterfly site that my pictures should arrive today. So, hopefully they will be here today, so I have more stuff to work with.

Have a great day and I'll see you soon!

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  1. Hello! :D AWESOME BLOG! ;) keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks! I didn't know you were stopping by... there's a skating layout coming soon :)

  3. wow Anya, u got so many things to finish. dd, mini book plus u r making project life. And u r doing crapbooking pages on top of that. Well, whenever u finish them make sure u show it to us

  4. I sure will! You know how exciting is to get something new, well... we put together (minus journaling) entire Project 365 tonight! It is huge. You need to be the first to look through it... just come over :)

    And thanks Vlad for visiting :) I guess I should post something car or helicopter related now... :))

  5. Anya, love this layout! Especially like the journaling tabs at the top and the little paper clip attached. You didn't provide however a picture so that I could read the journaling...
    The letter stickers look nice and convenient. It's nice that you have sets in colors other than black and white.
    The mini book looks great, whatever little you showed us :) You have so many projects going on, I hope we'll get to see them all.
    And, why is it that Katya gets to see the project life album first?? That's not fair ;)

  6. Спасибо Лора, у тебя всегда получается обратить внимание на маленькие детали :)

    А на счет Кати... просто у меня ее фотографии за которыми она должна была приехать, потому я и сказала что увидит альбом первой :)