понедельник, 26 марта 2012 г.

Warm up page...

I just looove this time of year! It's pretty, I always seem to have more energy during Spring and it's simply the best! The fact that we can enjoy this in March this year is a huge bonus!

I thought these pictures were cute, so I felt like I needed to share (check the bug on third photo)...
And now back to scrapbooking...

Why do you scrapbook? (if you do) I scrapbook for many different reasons: To preserve our memories; To tell a story; To play with my lovely paper collection; I use scrapbooking as a reward after hard work; or Just for fun!

Sometimes I have a thought that I will carry in my mind and work on for days, before it becomes a layout. Other times, I will sit down, pull a few photos that don't have much of a story to go along, or that have previously been scrapbooked on a different layout, and just create. Because I feel like it. That's what I did last Friday. Just for fun. I just wanted to make something. Stacy Julian calls them a warm up pages.

Here is my warm up page - very simple. It will be added next to the other layout with more photos from the same day:

I love the cluster of embellishments on a page. I know I did this type of embellishing too many types, but there's nothing wrong in repeating what works for you:

Well, I guess I'll share one more thing before I go today. I made this for a friend of mine... Learning from my mistakes - don't add milk and butter to chocolate! Yes, it will be easier for dipping, but it will not harden as good as plane, melted chocolate does. That was a big mistake. Well, sometimes we need to make mistakes to learn from them...

(I meant to say "covered" there... to lazy to go back and edit this photo. I'd rather work on a new page! ) I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Do something creative today - March is a National craft month...

I'll see you soon here again!

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  1. I always love when you use butterflies on your pages. And very neat idea for a close friend...

  2. Thanks! I remember, your favorite page had like 15 butterflies on :)

    Катя, готовь фото за следующих три недели. Постараемся не пропустить их бесплатную пересылку (если насобираем достаточно фотографий)...

  3. А Лианка как всегда, с Бориком...))у вас так здорово, такое лето, а у нас на этой неделе очень похолодало, вот вчера снег сыпал с дождем весь день, такой верер был что все ломало и сносило(((уже так хочеться тепла, а пока только остаетья смотреть на эти чудесные фото и "греться" глядя на них....

  4. Да, Лианочка с ним не расстаётся... а лето у нас уже закончилось. Снова весна. Немного прохладно на этой неделе но все вокруг цветёт и пахнет!

  5. Anya who is that lucky friend to get such a tasty and beautiful gift?
    And I agree it's OK to repeat embellishments escpecially with circles and butterlies. Very nice.
    My question is how do you put this page in your albom without smashing that pretty butterfly?

  6. YAY, internet that actually works!!! :-D I feel like I’ve missed a lot by not visiting. And Anya… wow if that’s your “warm-up” page, I feel even worst cuz I could not even do that good as my final page! And I agree with the others, love the butterfly, and yeah how do you keep them from wrinkling?
    Love the pictures of spring… Lianochka looks so cute, especially in the last one! That would so be me!!! I really really DON’T any kind of bug!!!!!
    And those strawberries really do look good! Very nice picture of them :-D but must brag, I don’t really want any anymore, I had so many chocolate covered strawberries in FL :-D we when to “Golden Corel” for lunch and they have a chocolate fountain and we could dip/cover anything we wanted in chocolate!!! YUMM!!!! I wanted to take it home we me!!! :-D ohh and if anyone cares… we had such a wonderful time in FL! :-D haha ladno, shuchu :-D but weather was absolutely wonderful and the scenery was gorgeous! And yes, I did take pictures, but I’m not really good at the picture taking thing, plus not used to the camera yet. Anyway, just glad to be back too :-D

  7. Love the basket-very creative! I love how you and Katya use butterflies on your pages but I still don't understand how you do them. I just remember something had to do with embossing if I remember correctly. They are very pretty. And, Katya, you used 15 butterflies on a page? I really wanna see that!

  8. Anka, i am not the one who used 15 butterflies..it was Anya. And It was my favorite card she made at the time. I don't know why Anya said it was a page. Or maybe i m wrong.
    Anya, what was it? I really liked your pink butterflies.

  9. Ira, thanks for coming back! You ignite the conversations here :) That butterfly is just going to lay flat in the page protector. And yes, "15 butterflies" were on a Hershey Garden page :) Here is the link of that page:


  10. hello! so now that I am back from my super busy week, why do they decide to have everything due the same week???
    Anyways, Ira welcome back! Did you bring some sunshine back for us? :)
    Anya, nice basket! I'm going to ask along with everyone, who is the lucky friend???

  11. ok, I guess I should tell... это Наташа П. у нас с ней дни рождения в две недели разницей...