понедельник, 29 октября 2012 г.

A day in my life...

Today I am...
 ...listening to the music of winds and rain outside my windows. This duet has been performing nonstop since morning and should continue for another day at least.

...cleaning one corner or another. It seems like as soon as I'm done in that second corner, I might need to start at the first one all over again.

...eating salad "Olivie" for lunch. Added two cans of peas to it for a little healthier version and used less mayo. Liana didn't notice the difference which means it was still good.

...smelling the just out of the oven homemade bread. As soon as my three loaf batch was ready for the oven, the electricity went down. I was a little more than upset, since yesterday the same thing happened when the bread was already in the oven. I kept pushing the dough down, thinking of other options how to bake it but luckily the electricity was fixed. Bread turned out very nice and soft after raising for five times.

...wanting to work on my Project Life so bad. I ordered seven weeks worth of photos and now am so anxious to put them all in place, add the dates, week titles and some notes. Love when the girls are willing to help.

...looking through my old Creating Keepsakes magazines and still finding ideas for my future projects. Even though products change all the time, great design and story telling ideas are always inspiring me.

...hearing kids around the house and that makes me happy. Love when all of them are home. Suzanna was so excited to have a school cancellation, that it almost felt like an early Christmas break to her.

...loosing the battle of staying away from the cookies that Suzanna made. I love cookies. Especially homemade. I don't like what they do to me but I can't eat just one.

...being tested for patience. Just some little things like placing baby for a nap and hearing him cry in five minutes. The windows make noise and he doesn't like it. I take a deep breath and repeat the steps - wrap, turn the music on, hold, sing, kiss, carry around... place in his crib, hope he will sleep for a few minutes longer. 

...feeling thankful for the help from my older girls. An extra set of hands is a great reason to be thankful for and they always offer help when they are home. Love you girls.

...feeling blessed for what I have. Being without electricity for only a few hours reminded me of how good we have it and how we are used to all the conveniences. Thankful for the shelter, water, food, and comfort. Thankful for the family, friends and health. Thankful for the life of abundance.  

Now some scrapbooking related rambling... 

Today I got the chance to finish a page that was sitting on my table for two weeks. It is a very simple layout with a whole lot of "white space", which is a little unusual for me.

When I saw a page by Jennifer Gallacher in her "Words Unsaid" class, I knew I would scraplift that page someday. I've cut the letters of the alphabet on a cream cardstock with my Silhouette and placed little pieces of paper behind each, since I didn't have a piece of paper big enough to use as one piece...

As you know, I'm running out of supplies in my kit, so using a die cut and placing little pieces of paper behind letters was a perfect solution to stretch my supplies. Butterfly came from a "White House/ Black Market" magazine cover. I also used little white envelope to hold the journaling, but since it is more of a memorabilia then a scrapbook item, I let myself use it on my page.

Sorry for the bad picture quality. Couldn't take a photo by the window, because it was dark outside anyway. Used pop dots for the little arrow for some dimension.

Glad this type of weather is not an everyday situation. Have a great and safe day!

Until next time!

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  1. Wonderful reflections and beautiful LO! Thank you! You made my day!

  2. a day in my life...eating, cooking, cleaning, feeding, changing diapers, eating, cooking, cleaning, changing diapers...and over again
    lol :) not complaining just saying

  3. lol Kat', but that is the best time and part of our lives :) to be with those who we love and take care of them :) a break once in a while is nice huh? ;)
    Mmmm... homemade break :) looks delish! It seemed like the perfect weather for baking or cooking something warm, at least that's what I did as well. I love peas! I even put them in my green salad most of the time. That's a great idea.
    The page looks lovely. love the little stop of the envelope, arrow, etc. very nice! and no, the white space is just perfect! :)

  4. Hehehe, I was still thinking about the break, haha. I meant to say homemade bread :D :P And the great idea about the olevie :) just thought I'd explain ;)

  5. we were baking chocolate chip cookies...:)

  6. The page looks good and complete to me. I'm so in the mood for baking too! Made pumpkin peanut butter cupcakes today.

  7. Thank you everyone! Welcome Галилейка to the club:)) Oooh, now I figured out the reason why everyone (me) is gaining weight towards winter... it's the baking weather!

  8. So beautiful! COngratulations on your GDT at Pandore!! Can't wait to see what you create!!!

  9. Anya I really like your description of the day, it is nice to take time to notice all those little things and of course our blessings. Very nice page!

  10. Thank you Helen! I can't wait to create something for Pandore too!

    Спасибо Таня:) Я думаю когда то просто использовать blog post for journaling как Ali Edward does.