вторник, 9 июля 2013 г.

Cardmaking week

Good morning! I was in a card making mood last week. Maybe because that's all I could afford time wise. The summer is passing with an unbelievable speed! We try to do more together as a family, which leaves very little time to create. But I'm enjoying this time a lot!

The first card was made with lovely Les Papiers de Pandore papers and their stamps.

Same with the second card, but in a different style. I LOVE their collections this season SO much! And the quality of their stamps is amazing! It always gives a perfect impression of such an intricate stamp.

There were some flowers that I've cut out from Echo Park paper that I wanted to use on a card. I added a few pieces of paper but couldn't find a perfect match for the background so I used a LPDP piece of paper.

 Card #4, again, made in my favorite color combination yellow/grey/blue, using LPDP paper and one of their badges.More cut out flowers from Echo Park paper.

And a last one last week was a quick "Thank You" card. Also LPDP.

All of the cards have coordinating pattern paper on the back. I love to add that final step that makes a card a little more sturdy, otherwise cards flip forward, since the front is so much heavier.

Thank you for stopping by and I'll see you soon! Got to enjoy my summer while it's still here!

Until next time!

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  1. ооо!текст я изучать поленилась :) но открытки все рассмотрела.!прекрасные какие!)особенно две последних понравились

  2. Спасибо Алина! А читать там нечего :) Просто переживаю что лето бежит с неизмеримой скоростью и перед каждой открыткой по пару слов об использываемых материалах:)

  3. Открыточки чудные! А мне с бабочками понравились.ю очень)))такие объёмные!!!

  4. Спасибо Наталка! Мне нравится что у каждого есть свое мнение и даже между моими девочкими оно всегда очень разное :))

  5. Anya ochen' krasivie otkritki!!! Molodets!!! :)))

  6. Thanks! Спасибо что заехали вчера и спасибо большое за кекс!! Он как раз получился таким как я хотела!

  7. Great looking cards you got there! Love polka dot one, nice and bright.