четверг, 11 июля 2013 г.

In a blink of an eye...

Every day I'm amazed at how fast time flies! Here's the proof:

I just made a layout recently, featuring the picture on the left. Yesterday, we decided to recreate that image. Looking at these images side by side I could not believe how kids have changed. I remember so well the moment we took that first picture... but FOUR years have passed! Four years seemed more like four days...

That's why any type of Memory Keeping is SO important!

I think I mentioned here before that I'm taking a little different approach to scrapbooking lately. It used to be  - doing something with a lot of pictures I have. And then supporting the pictures with a little story if I could find. Using a lot of pictures on a page required a lot of space, which led me to using 12x12 format.

Now, I scrapbook pictures that have a story behind them. Or if I want to write a note to my child. I still use multiple photos on a page, but they are smaller in size and I'm liking the smaller 8.5x11 format right now. Thanks to Project Life, the rest of the pictures go there!

When I saw these pictures, I knew I wanted to scrapbook them. There was a little more than just a cute picture. Actually, the surroundings may mot even look very attractive, since photos were taken in a car, but I loved her smile and she had a reason for that.

 I wanted to make this page very light, since photos were a little on a darker side.

All materials used on this page (except a tiny strip of paper with notes) are from Les Papiers de Pandore. Enamel dots are by My Mind's Eye.

Blogging is so much more fun that cooking, but I have to do that part too. Do you feel like choosing a meal during summer time is a little harder?

I'm going green for lunch today. These are a few images from my Pinterest board. Leaning towards a salad with avocado... I guess I have to go make a breakfast first:)

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you soon!


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  1. That's so cool how you recreated the picture of the kids from 4 years ago! What an awesome idea! I don't think though that choosing meals for the summer is harder than for colder months, probably because in the summer, cold options are quite more appealing than they would be during the winter. Summer kind of calls for lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and so I think the easiest way to have them is by making salads. Green lunch? Why not?

  2. Thanks! Kids were so excited, they come home and started looking for more pictures that could be good candidates for recreating :) And yes, salads is something we eat basically everyday during summer!

  3. Anya, ya nedavno vspomnila recipe that you did here on blog- coconut milk shrimp, can you remember when that was so I can look it up?

  4. Thank you for that picture! It was an awsome idea, and how did you come up with that?! Who knew we would end up having exactly the same background too. Love those pictures! Can't belive kids changed that much, so quick.
    If eating green means avocado is one of the ingredients, then I would eat it every day.

  5. You're so right! What a difference four years can make. How fun to recreate the photo! LOVE the soft palette of your layout, too! Such sweet pics! Hope you enjoyed your yummy lunch. Hugs!