среда, 16 октября 2013 г.

New collections by Les Papiers de Pandore!

Hello girls! Les Papiers de Pandore released their new Fall/Winter 2013 collections! I was SO excited to see these in person! They look awesome! The first one is called Crochetin', and this collection is dedicated to pampering and anything handmade or "do it yourself"; and has beautiful shades of yellow, cream, grey and a touch of purple!


Nouvelles collections et blog candy...

Here is the page Julie made using the first collection.  She is such an amazing artist! I love everything she makes!

Nouvelles collections et blog candy...

It reminded me of so many precious memories from my childhood. Hopefully, I can record some of them using this goodness!

The second collection is called Winter Memories, and it's a winter theme collection. Papers in this collection have soft watercolor effect. It's a beautiful combination of teal, pink and cranberry colors.

Winter Memories:

Nouvelles collections et blog candy...
 And another awesome layout created by Julie:

Nouvelles collections et blog candy...

The best part is that you can win these collection! Please visit les Papiers de Pandore blog HERE and leave a comment to be entered in the drawing! You can do that any time by October 31.

I got a chance to play with this goodness this week and it was hard to stop! I made three pages and two cards that I will share soon!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll catch you next time!

4 комментария:

  1. Pretty papers konechno. Ya tak dolgo yzhe ne delala nikakih layouts...
    Я так и не поняла что за кабаки ты использовала для каши так как ты не ответила in your previous post. Это кабачки или тыква?

  2. Анюта прости пожалуйста :) Это тыква конечно. Мы брали не большой pumpkin, а такой закрученый похож на грушу. Он вроде нежней немножко и без "ниток" внутри.

    А так хотелось бы от тебя уже увидеть что то сотворённое! Я надеюсь ты на блог поставишь?

  3. I will definitely post it if I will make it:) I have a minibook that I need to finish too. I also would like to do December Daily this year so I better start assembling things soon.
    About the pumpkin- I just got one quite big one yesterday to roast, puree, and freeze. I will post it to my blog:)

  4. Yeah, I have a minibook too... I guess it was just a little too big...

    I'll come to check what you do with your pumpkin! So you better hurry up :)))