понедельник, 16 декабря 2013 г.

Winter shades...

Good Monday morning! I think I forgot how busy the Holiday Season is... How can today be the sixteenth of December already? I didn't have much time for anything creative last week, except a few minutes to finish a layout I made earlier and to make a card.

For both of these projects I used Les Papiers de Pandore papers.

I love illustrations in this collection, especially this cute little bird!

And a page in same color combination about my favorite winter activity - watching through the window how kids play outside :) Pictures are from last winter season.

 And few close ups:

Last week I kind of missed making DD this year... Yes, we are so very busy, but it helped me stay focused on those happy moments and enjoy the season even more. I'm still taking pictures every day, just not doing the day to day journaling. 

Hope you enjoy this time of the year! Christmas music really helps me! We have music on 24/7... well, not quite, but for the most time we either have a radio on or a live piano performance!

Have the most wonderful time of the year! 

See you soon!

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  1. Anya your head border pictures "whatever you call that" are not matching your cars and layouts! You know :)
    Nice page! Love all those little red embelishments to match kids cloth. Looks perfect!

  2. Thanks! I was just thinking about changing the header:)) Never enough time:)

  3. Beautiful LO!!! And a gorgeous card! by the way, did you do the Thank you card? Or should i just buy one?

  4. Ira just thought of you yerterday, we've been missing you here ;)
    By the way Anya, I really like this card too. All the ones with the birds remind me of Ukrainian cards and makes it so more special. Or maybe it has even more effect on me now, since my dotsya Katen'ka wants to be real country Ukranian girl. She loves that style of clothes from old days, those sweaters, dresses, sandals, braids... she is too funny.

  5. Thank you sisters! Irochka I have plenty thank you cards! Stop by and pick one :)

    Tanya, aka "Marysya", that is so sweet. Alenka cried because I wanted to get rid of a sweater that I brought from Ukraine 20 years ago... To eliminate a puddle of tears, I let her keep it :)