среда, 11 июля 2012 г.


Seems like I'm the person "с обострённым чувством пунктуальности". Not. On the very second day of my promise to post every day this week, I screwed up. Seriously, my head and thoughts were here, but the opportunity wasn't. Sorry girls.

There was a page I made months ago but never shared it here because it was one of those "silent" pages. I was caught up in the design and playing with pretty papers that when the time came to add the journaling, I was lost at where to put it. That was before I started taking Ali Edward's "Storyology" class. Now I really try to think about my stories ahead of time. I can't add a page to my album without a story, it just doesn't feel right. I need your help with where to put it. Here's the page:

I cut out the letter L with my silhouette and used the negative piece. I saw this idea on Jennifer Gallacher's layout and always wanted to try it:

There's not a whole lot of journaling, but this page needs a story about their love. Should I add a pocket? Add journaling right on top of the page? Place it on the back of the layouts? Or redo the whole page? What would you do? I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you and I'll see you soon!

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  1. Anya I am as "the best layout journalist" can suggest you a few things.
    First those picrues tell the story already.
    Second you do have letter L and their love alreday on the page, isn't that a journaling?! Well it lease to it is.
    Counclusion, this is very beautiful page, well done, and no way you should redo it. It looks complete!
    Just move on :)

  2. Sorry correction to the above sentence: Well at least to me it is!

  3. One letter "L" for journaling?... This might be just a little too little :) Are there any other suggestions?

  4. Thanks:) Maybe I should leave it like this... but where am I going to tell how she expressed her "love" to cat и как он всё это терпел...

  5. Этот комментарий был удален автором.

  6. Duska vernulas!! Gde ti propadala?
    A Anka voobshe nas pozabila :(

    Anya ya dumala y tebya net story, a esli ona est to moe predlozhenie budet v verznem pravom uglu na tab cartochke. Deystvitelno on stol'ko terpel bednenkiy :) Zato Liane bilo veselo

  7. Marusya, I always read Anya's blog and all of the comments. I just don't always leave comments : )

  8. Katen'ka this is unaccaptable!!! :)
    Nezabivay chto eto odin iz putey obsheniya, tak chto podavay svoy golosok pochashe.
    Mne naprimer tak legche rabotaetsya, tak otvlechsya na paru minut ot busy day chto to prochitat ta paru slov napisat.

  9. Ya tozhe chitala blog i comments... just didn't have time to write anything! Anyways comments pochti vsegda odni... "Anya very nice LO"!!! Ofcourse they r, cuz ya takie nekogda v zhizni ne zdelau. I soglasna s Taney, i does look finished! Tembolee chto ti budesh tam pisat'? Kak Liana silno lubila kotika i on eyo a potom vi ego otda li i ona narodila mnogo kotyat chto prishlos otdat' vseh kotyat i eyo? Thats a sad story... these pictures make it look happy and a nice ending :-) keep up the great work. I love visiting your Blog!!!

  10. Ira unfortunately it was a sad ending to the very beautiful beginning. Their love was very special, so the story could be about those special moments.
    That is if Anya wants story anyway, I just don't like journaling so I would leave it like that.

  11. Yes, I did want the story to be about their relationship at the moment... I don't have to write about how we had to give him away... There will be another story - how she named her stuffed animal Mufasa and NEVER goes anywhere without him. She lost him at the grocery store last week, so I asked my girls check out the store TWICE, until they found him. Even I felt sad when she cried. Glad we found him :)