вторник, 24 июля 2012 г.

Reason # 52

Hello! Yes, we are still here. Thinking about blogging every day, but not getting much done. Today I just wanted to share reason #52 why this blog is not getting updated as often as I would like it to. Actually, this is probably the first reason out of 52. Hopefully you'll get the idea and will not give up on me completely just yet :)

Our prince charming, who reminds me "принцессу на горошине" refuses to sleep in his crib. Even my bed is not good enough for him anymore. He is convinced that he's supposed to sleep on Mommy's shoulder. Today I decided to document his sleeping process. Here he is just placed in his crib:

About ten seconds later he starts wiggling:

You would think that's a cute smile, but it's a fake one, believe me. And if we wait another few seconds, that "pea" under his mattress really starts bothering him:

The longer you wait, the more it "hurts":

 And if you choose to wait another ten seconds, he will make you go pick him up:

Aaaand we start all over again... So innocent and quite for the first few seconds.

Even Liana's little friend Mufasa doesn't help, which usually works for his big sister. This process get's repeated many, MANY times throughout the day. We try to change the scenery, surroundings, rooms, amount of light, temperature... naah, he would rather sleep here:

Not only he thinks that this shoulder is his crib, but he also is pretty sure it's his playground too. That's why we don't get anything done. You might think how am I getting this post up? Yep, you guessed it, he is on my shoulder right now. So sweet, but so warm and inconvenient to get much done!

Ok, before I go, I might want to share one more photo - that's Liana's new hairdo:

Please tell me you like her braids a little more than I do... She says that her sister taught how to make them. Sounds like Alyona is in trouble. I guess this may be my reason #53 - it takes me too long to brush Liana's hair after such hairdo's... 

Once again, I don't loose my hope that someday soon I will get something creative done. Have a great day and I'll see you soon. Hopefully very soon :)

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  1. Anya ya dazhe neznau chto skazat, no smotrya na pervuyu i poslednuu fotki vsezhe trudno veritsya chto tak deystvitel'no sladko vsegda i nespit. On zhe bil takoy spokoyneniy?! Mozhet eto ti poddelala srednie fotki? ;)
    Ladno verim verim, that was actually funny, no ponimau chto tebe nesovsem smeshno, nu nuzhno esho poprobovat u menya doma ego polozhit mozhet luche spat budet:)

  2. O yea and Liana's kosichki, neznau ili mne kosichki ponravili no ee virazhenie litsa ponravilos eto tochno!! Takaya shkoda! :)
    Kstati na etoy fotke ona tak napominaet na te fotki kogda ti bila malenkaya i takie belie volosi, tak na tebya poxozha!!!

  3. По крайней мере наш сынуля хоть ночью в кроватке спит - это уже хорошо. А Лианочке конечно не повезло с прической по наследству... старшие две по папе а ей досталась моя соломка :(

  4. Xa-xa Anya the story is so cute and funny!! :-D I love how innocent and adorable he starts out… agree with Tanya, just seems like the next couple of pictures are not from the same day ;) he is too cute!!! And on mommy’s shoulder… yeah, its more comfy there, plus everything he needs is within reach :-D and who needs blogging is we can see cute little stories or reasons like this :-) just keep posting pictures and we r happy visitors! By the way, Lianochka’s braid… hmm, how should I word it nicely :-D Love her “curls” ;-) and her facial expression is priceless! She is so photogenic!!!

  5. Ira, you are so funny! I might start using your comments on my pages :)))

  6. Аня я не за волосы имела ввиду, а просто именно на этой фотке она так вышла что сильно похожа на тебя где мы у соседей фотографировались на балконе. Посмотри внимательно и согласишься.
    And Ira you are wright, she is very photogenic, just what you need for scrapbooking and blogging!

  7. haha thanks for the compliment, and use what ever you need! :-) and tanya, i agree she does look like those pictures, o even know which one, except Anya is standing in it in a dress right? ;)

  8. Yes she did have a dress on.
    Anya you have to agree with us! :)

  9. So so cute!!!
    Dimochka tozhe takoe lyubit delat :)

  10. Anya I think you should post your poem here, so I can read it few more times! I still can't belive you were able to write a poem just like that. I guess one more talent to add to your list :)

  11. Yeah, right... Poem? Here? It will be very embarrassing! Bad enough that Sasha said he will read it to everybody!