воскресенье, 8 июля 2012 г.

Very "Pinteresting"...

Hi! I seem to find myself browsing through pictures every Sunday morning, when I get to stay home alone with my little ones. Looking through last few folders, I realized that some of the photos were affected by Pinterest. Mostly in a good way, like this one:

We were having so much fun on the fourth of July, that I didn't even take a single photo that day... Doesn't sound like me, I know. But seeing a few patriotic photos on Pinterest, I decided to photograph our kids on July fifth. No one should know it wasn't the fourth, right? And if I didn't write about it here, you would've not known either. 

I asked all of the kids to wear red, white and blue for a photoshoot. Well,... they did, but in their own interpretation. You should have seen their outfits... They reminded me of a Lady Gaga style. Pretty scary. At least they seemed to have so much fun dressing up. No, I'm not going to post that photo here. I told them, I don't want to scare my precious visitors away.

So, last week Suzanna made a pull apart bread (recipe found on Pinterest) which smelled so good that we started pulling it apart before even taking a photo of it:

We are definitely making it again! It was SO good - with garlic, Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese. Alena found this tasty salad, that was a perfect addition to our dinner:

Loved dried cranberries in it! And for me - anything with avocado sounds good, so that was a very pleasing combination. I guess we are making that for the next time someone comes over. But if you want to bring something like this -

 - you are always invited! That was my sister's work of art. It. Was. So. Good. Crunchy edges, chewy center, caramel drizzle on top and fresh raspberries...

So, going back to other pictures I found... These looked very Pinteresting:

I let my kids join the Pinterest site and they have a lot of hairstyle ideas pinned there. It seems like it comes useful sometimes. Aaand, looking at the following combination of photos, you can guess what else they have been pinning a lot. A lot, a lot. 

They thought it was fun to try on all if those (there were more) shoes and take pictures of each other at the store... I guess Pinterest can have both positive and not so positive affects on people. At least, there are some big plans for more cooking. They love to try new recipes, and I love when someone else takes turn creating in the kitchen.

Oh, and before I go, I need to share one more picture... It's also features a hair style. It is a very unique one though - even Pinterest doesn't have one like this...

It was specially designed with the help of trampoline and photographed by older sister. Don't you think that the facial expression of this little model goes well with her hair style? I think it does. 

I'm up for the challenge - a post every day this week! Let's see if we can do that...

I hope you are having a wonderful day and I'll see you tomorrow!

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  1. HA HA HA HA!!!! That's not the way i wanted to start my comment, but the last picture, of Lianochka is just SO FUNNY!!!! I Love it!!!!!:-) and yes, you r right, that facial expansion tells all! ;) make me think of the time when she was playing around, telling everyone how pretty and curly her hair was, but then i took a picture of it... lets just say when she was sleeping and the hair was NOT brush-able anymore and scary, and when she looked at it her face SAID it ALL... :-( she said "what's back there?" it was so cute!!!
    But anyway, before i go on and on and it will look like a "blog" and not a comment i should just say... very nice pictures!!! Love the idea of dressing red, white and blue! And love pinterest too :-)and yes, i can see they love shoes and hair ideas... i follow them :-D and those brownies... glad you liked them :) i will make them again if i get invited to that pull apart bread and that yummy looking salad! :-D

  2. He-he... Now you made me laugh! You reminded me of a story I have already forgotten... "I don't need to write that down, I'll remember that - is the biggest lie you can tell yourself" - Pinterest again. Now I need to make a page about her "curly" hair.

    p.s. you don't need an invitation if you have brownies or any relatives of theirs :))

  3. I love this possttttt!!!! <3 <3
    From: Alyona(:

  4. With what should I start? :) Well since I can't decide which to address first, lovely post and very nice pictures! Love that meal, the avocado salad looks scrumptious! A Ira mne uzhe obeshala that delicious looking dessert :) I have a plan now your house for the frappe and the salad, Ira's house for dessert, tolko Tane nado chtoto pridumat what to make lol
    When are you free this week :D

  5. Any day sounds good besides Tuesday. You tell me when you are free :)

  6. What a picture of Liana! That is just too cute, by the way if I am wright I was told that it was my dochenka kto sfotkal. Aren't they all talented?! :)
    And all those food pictures, yameee, especially when I am feeling so hungry today, it's not even funny.
    Really want to try that bread by Suzanna, I just love bread soooo much, that's not funny eathier

  7. Тааак ну что же я могу предложить, даже незнаю. Я думала тортик, но дезерт уже есть, хотя если визит получился бы в Пятнитцу, то могу предложить и тортик и первое и второе. Когда неработаю и плюс мои помощники то можно по заказу :) А если Среда но к сожалению наверное ничего а то работаю целый день.

  8. Wow Anya a post EVERYDAY?! GOOD LUCK :)A mi vsegda radi!
    Eto po special request? :)

  9. Yea, it is! My special request :) well, at least I think so....hmmm, right? Your doing this for me, no? ;P

  10. Any special requests for a meal then? :)
    That is of course if it's Thursday or Friday

  11. Yes, Lora, we want you to feel our support! All we need is a date and meanwhile I'm writing my next post (in my head first)...

  12. Aww, how sweet! Thursday sounds good, for now :) About the food, ya prosto shutila, you don't have to make anything!
    Another post sounds wonderful!

  13. Lora I didn't feel I had to, just wanted to :)

    Ira by the way your brownies were really good, especially with the berries. Kstati malina na sale v Giante, i ya srazy vspompnila pro eto foto. So good!
    I can't stop smiling each time I scroll down and get to Liana's picture. Would you just look at those curls, I mean really would you just look at it :))

  14. ha-ha... I actually looked at it both times:))) Like I didn't know how "curly" her hair is. Well, in her imagination it's all curls:)