вторник, 27 ноября 2012 г.

Christmas cards

I have a few Christmas cards to share with you today, and this weather just helped me to get into the right mood for Christmas related projects:

Love having my table by the window! Enjoying a little winter wonderland view:)

I was really hopping to get a lot of Christmas cards done ahead of time this year, but neah... it didn't happen. Yesterday and today though, I spent some time playing with paper and making a lot of cards. Sharing two that are done and have at least four more on the table.

I used dimentional adhesive to pop that window frame off the card:

And one more in traditional red color:

I have been using my Silhouette Cameo nonstop these two days. Learning some new things, downloading new designs, cutting shapes out. Love it! 

Will be back soon to share more!

Have a grate day everyone!

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  1. Aww Anya i absolutely LOVE the cards!!! Can't even pick a favorite, but the one with Santa peeking through is so cool! Anyway, agree... absolutely loving the weather :-D wish we had more snow!! I am really ready for it now :)

  2. The cards are gorgeous and I'm really sorry to upset you but the coming year is 2013... hope it won't be difficult to correct...

  3. That’s what I thought at first too, but then I looked at the cards closer and realized they are for Christmas, and it is Christmas 2012 :-) so it makes sence. But a good idea to make New year’s cards for 2013 :-D

  4. very beautiful cards Anya! Keep making more, I am getting some from you.
    Was that picture really from your window? Did you really have birds sitting on the branches and the snow laying? So nice! Reminded me that you will be changing your photos on top soon with new season here.

  5. he-he... Yes, about the year - Ira answered for me:)) I know, back in Ukraine people always signed cards for both holidays at once so they were writing the upcoming year on the card. But here since it was a Christmas card, I decided to put a year we celebrate Christmas in (like December Daily) :) But, good point, I should include Nappy New Year and nobody will be confused:))

    Yes, Tanya, that photo is from my window:) And I was just thinking about the banner yesterday:)

  6. Beautiful, elegant cards, very nice!! I especially like the ornament hanging with the year! What size are the cards? Do you make all your cards the same size or not? Just wondering :)
    But what I'm really waiting for is to see what your base for DD this year will be :)

  7. Thank you Lora! They are 4.25x5.5 - that's an 8.5x11 sheet folded in half vertically and cut into two. That way I don't waste any paper:)) But sometimes I make them bigger.

    DD - that's what I'm working on right now! Will share soon!

  8. Magnifique - j'aime beaucoup tes réalisations - bonne journée - bizzz

  9. Anya just incase you were wondering, I translated the comment for you :)
    "Beautiful - I love your accomplishments - good day"

  10. Haha, yes it's my new hobby :)
    And so easy too, just copy and paste on google translate :)

  11. Is the window a Silhouette file? If so, what is the file name?


  12. Leanne, I'm sorry, I've never seen your question here. I have designed that window myself. I can share if you like to have one. Just write something in the more recent post:)