четверг, 29 ноября 2012 г.

December Daily 2012

Hello! December is going to be here in two days and I just now finished the base of my December Daily album. Again, looking back, realizing what has worked and what hasn't I decided to simplify the process even more. My goal is to have it simple, but done, not fancy and still have it laying around not finished way passed February...

Let's start with the cover. I usually make a few, pick one and give the others away, but I didn't have time to make more then one this year. White... yes, I'm dreaming of a White Christmas, so I made my cover in white. (I would probably have to take it off for the month when I'll be working with it to keep it clean)

For the main part, I'm giving it a try this year and making pages out of envelopes. I wanted to go with plain white envelopes that come in the box with Christmas Cards, but then decided to cut them out myself for more stable pages. I downloaded a shape from the Silhouette store and resized the envelope to fit on 12x12 cardstock. For some of them I added a decorative element like this adorable Christmas Tree:

Folded envelope came out to be 8x5. It's just a tiny bit smaller then my previous DD albums, which were (8.5x5.5) I folded envelopes and punched holes in them. Now, one side of it will be used as a regular page in the album where the other one will hold journaling. THAT's where the main difference is this year. I want to include journaling from everyone, not just myself and I want to write it down whenever the thought comes, not when I have to make a page for that day. I have BIG HOPES that this way I will be able to stay on track and have it finished by the end of the month!

Here are a few more samples of what I have inside:

 I used my Silhouette to cut that page out. There was a similar one online for downloading, but it was square, so I arranged it to fit the size of my album.

Red envelope cut from red paper - this one was a little thinner which is nice because I have a feeling my DD is going to be pretty fat this year. I did include just a few plain pages - non envelopes, that's what the other pretty paper is. Which is by Teresa Collins by the way.

By the way, Silhouette users there's a great sale at the Silhouette store this week! All shapes are HALF the price! You can tell, I was shopping. But I also made a few tags and other things myself.

Folded green envelope, transparency, white envelope...

 I also cut a few smaller envelopes for the pages that is not an envelope. Again, nothing glued. Plain and simple. I might add a few more things along the way, but wanted to have a pretty light base for the album, because that's what works for me.

 It is my fourth year participating in December Daily challenge. It was nice to see all of them together. I plan leaving them out for the month...

There was one more December Daily album that I did, but it was sent to my mother-in-law, so it's not in the picture. 

I debated a lot between styles this year, but decided to stay with the tradition of three ring handmade book. This leather mini album was one of the options, but again, I was afraid, it may get into the pile of "I'll-finish-it-later" projects.

One last thing I did is emptied my DD plastic box and refilled it with the new stuff. That's another idea that works for me. I have to have everything together, or I might spend too much time getting everything out and putting it back.

Hope your DD is waiting to be filled with pictures and stories too! NOW I'm excited for December to come. Speaking of December, I really hope it brings some snow. The more the merrier!

Thanks for stopping by and have the nicest day ever!

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  1. Теперь и мне хочется делать ДД но пока не знаю как это реализовать. Классная обложка как и все твои обложки.

  2. Anya, doesnt everything u use sillhouette for is downloadable? Reason im asking is because u said they're running a sale on their templates

  3. Anya… WHATEVER! … ok not whatever, but why did you have to go and make a cute little book like that?! Agree with Anka, makes me want to participate ;-) anyway, that is a very cute cover, and yes maybe taking it off is a good idea since I’m sure you won’t be the only one touching it the next 31 days or more ;-D oh and those envelope idea are so cool, I love it! Love all the cut out things you did. Very inspiring but I think I’m sticking with my new fav. site “Mixbook.com” :-D oh and Anya, that box of DD inside, I am sure you could sell that! That’s a prepared kit, that’s awesome!

  4. Спасибо девочки! Да Аня, в отличии от других die cutting machines, где тебе нужно покупать карточку с дизайнами (где тебе может понравится только десять из ста) для Silhouette ты можешь покупать shapes individually (pay online and download it) I buy it and can cut it in two minutes! Например на этой неделе они все по 50 центов.

    Go Ира! Digital DD! Well, с таким фотиком теперь грех не учавствовать:))

  5. Anya - esheo odna zamechatelnaya oblozhka!!! Ochen ponravilas idea s konvertikami. Mne ochen interesno uvidet gotovie stranichki! :) Budu zhdat :)

    Ira - have you used mixbook before? Is it good? I am in the process of making 2 digital albums, not sure which website to use.... I do have a coupon from mixbook and snapshot. Just wanna make sure the quality is good. Thanks :)

    Anka - just keep it simple, doesn't have to be out of this world complicated. One simple page a day... Or even in a pre-made album...

    So who else is going to participate? Ira is doing mix book ;) Anka maybe.... :D

  6. Lora, i used mixbook. It is much easier to use than shutterfly. I was satisfied with how much book came out. But i think Anya likes shutterfly more. So it depends on the personal preference

  7. Lorik i use Mixbook all the time! I have 3 books from mixbook, and one from yorkphoto.com, i did try using other, didnt try shutterfly yet, but the ones i've tried Mixbook is the easiest to use, gives you most opsions and ideas that are endless!! I'm working on another book now :) some may argue of the quality, but to tell you the truth i didnt see much difference, so like Katya said it is personal preference, and mine is simplicity with awesome finished product :-D haha

  8. Ok, thanks girls!!! Can you bring samples so I can see ;) Kat', r you participating in DD?

  9. Lora, Katya is totally in! And I heard TanyA is in too, I believe she is in Irina's club with dijital album:)

    Anka, when do your classes end fo the semester? I would love to see your album too! Is there anything I can help you with?

  10. Very nice! I know the online photobooks have some awesome Christmas templates, so I'll be eager to see them as well! Cannnot believe tomorrow is DECEMBER!!!

  11. By the way Anya, what kind of adhesive do u use for ur minibooks? They seem to hold up pretty good!

  12. I love my tape runner by Tombow. I use the permanent kind. Yay for December! (I hope to get another post tonight:)

  13. I was looking forward to viewing what you had done for your DD this year...and of course you did not disappoint..your book looks amazing and when it's filled with photos it will be even better. I'm locked out of my blog for some reason so haven't been able to post anything since the end of October so I won't be sharing any pages this year (boo hoo). Will have to get my 17 year old techy nephew to have a look into it for me but that may take some time. Look forward to your postings on your 2012 DD. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  14. Anya looks like you are all ready for you DD, of course :)
    Well I am hoping to keep up, and of course it will be digital. I like it digital for few reasons and one of them is that I can do it together with kids. They like adding stickers and add some journaling to it. Also I can log in at work and if photos are loaded to book already, I can work on arranging them.
    Are we going to have DD party for 2011-2012 combined?!