четверг, 1 ноября 2012 г.

Summer page...

What a sunny and beautiful morning! So glad the rain is over. But I'm happy to be inside since it's not as warm as it may seem out there.

Using last bits and pieces of the paper in my premade kit. It's getting a little harder to create anything with it. We'll see if I can still pull anything out of it. Today's layout has one of my favorite color combinations - blue and yellow. It's not the first one in those colors, but they make me happy - just like a sunny day!

These pictures didn't particularly happen on Wednesday. I just liked the sticker and it matched my colors.

The story is written in Russian this time. Hopefully my kids will always be able to read in both languages. And this is what I have left from the kit so far. I love all of those papers but I'm craving to use something new already...

Speaking of cravings, chocolate is always on my mind. Who can resist a cake like this:

It. Was. So. Good! Thank you Larrisa for coming over and for bringing this chocolate masterpiece!  We had some really good time!

Got to go enjoy the day with my kiddos - no school for them means some type of celebration...

Have a great day!

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  1. Помоему в океане Лианочка любила купаться и с тётей тоже :) Интересная история, всёже стоило ехать, наверное и кран и водичка нетакие как дома, так и песка небыло что-бы смывать с ног.
    Very nice page, nice and relaxing colors!
    Do you think you can still make another layout with your leftover pieces?
    That cake was very delicious, I couldn't stop eating it along with Kievskiy. Anya why couldn't you help me stop?! You know just a little reminder would be nice next time :)

  2. Как я могла забыть? Это были мои мамые любимые фото когда она купалась с тётей Таней:))

    Another page? Maybe. At least a card:)

  3. Very nice page and great treats too :) Are you going to make another page from leftovers?

  4. Morchik was here!
    ~ Sincerely Morchik Meow. :)

  5. Влад надеюсь ты заходил с мамой? :))

  6. Anya very nice LO. Lianochka looks like she's enjoying herself and it looks like it might be warmer out side then it really is. Can't believe its that cold out already. Anyway, yes thank you to Larisa for that yummy cake and to Ryazanova for her left overs too, it was a good time.

  7. Thank you sister! I agree, it's getting colder and I don't seem to accept this idea very well :(

  8. Chto to ne pomnyu priglasheniya na tort, moy telephone # 717-802-07XX

  9. Haha! oops i kak eto mi propustili, next time you are in for sure!!!!