среда, 7 ноября 2012 г.

Leftovers from the kit

Good morning! Last time I told you that I was ready to play with other paper in my stash, but taking a closer look at the leftovers from the kit, I decided to give it a try and make one more page.

My motivation for this page was that adorable globe sticker. That helped me make a decision to do a school themed layout. By this time all of my papers were cut into various small pieces. To make a "blackboard" I had to piece together three pieces of paper. Others were laid to make the background. Here is how the page turned out to be:

Thats it! Done with the kit! That's what I thought... but then the yellow bee hives paper looked at me and I decided to give one last shout. One more layout. This one literally was pieced from tiny pieces of paper. I made it an 8.5x11 size, thinking it will be a smaller area to cover.

I must say that the whole bee world is amazing! I don't know near as much as Tim (my brother in law) does, but consider myself lucky to be his relative, since now we always have honey at home! The 100% real kind of honey!

The work that he puts into this "hobby" is priceless! I witnessed only a little bit and I know for sure now that honey does not come from a jar!

So, that's it for pages from the kit, but I was still able to make two cards yet. Nothing extra special, but sometimes we need those simple cards. Even to write a note to a child or a teacher.

That's it! Now I'm officially done with the kit! So excited to make something new. I mean make something using new stuff. But I should say, I really enjoyed this experience! I might do this sometimes again.

I will leave you with a piece of banana bread that my kids made last week. No school for my kids means - baking time. It's doesn't necessarily benefits our shapes but how can I resist, when they enjoy baking so much...

Their cousins gave us the recipe, but we altered it by addeding raisin's and peanut butter to it. Good job girls!

Thanks for visiting! I'll be back soon!

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  1. With such cold weather, I won't mind having some warm banana bread... A voobshe, I was thinking of pecan pie (yummm)osobenno takoi tyoplen'kiy straight out of the oven.
    It's nice to use up all these scraps of paper ato they seem to accumulate out of nowhere. Great job

  2. Anya lovely pages, good memory for Suzanna about school. Katya told me this morning, that next time we will be voting, she will be out of school already, WOW!I wish I had few pages done about school for my kids and give it to them on their graduation.
    Love banana bread, we just had some last week, but not sure about peanut butter in it.

  3. Thank you Timochke for honey! We are lucky :)
    Love it with pureed lemonds and walnuts, can't get enough of it.

  4. You just keep making and making pages from those papers! Amazing! Really like the school page! Love how you cut out the yellow page to look like honey combs :) Banana bread with peanut butter? That's something new :) Have to try a little piece from someone ;)

  5. Спасибо девочки! Намёк поняла, пирог за нами:)) Вот только скажите когда вам его приготовить:)