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Looking back at 2013...

I love to check blog posts by other scrapbookers that summarize their favorite projects of the year. I don't do that, but I do like to go back and do some type of summery, to see how the past year looks like through creative glasses. Last night I scrolled down through entire 2013th year of blogging and jotted down some things... I can surely say, it was a GREAT YEAR!

 In 2013 -

1. I created 34 page layouts. 

A little smaller number than expected, but that's a whole new album full of memories! I don't like to pick favorites from my own work, but if I had to... I would pick this one. I always like a page more if I use photos that I love. Products that I love also help to achieve the desired result.

If you judge by the number of repins on Pinterest, I guess I found a favorite layout among readers and other scrapbookers. I came across THIS this on Pinterest:

I don't know how it is possible, but that page was repinned 474 times! (Update: 902 times) Thank you ladies! That really adds a boost of confidence! Just what I need sometimes!

 2. In 2013 I made at least 84 cards!

 I made a few that never got on the blog, because they were either similar to the ones I've already shared or were made to order and gone too fast, before I even snapped a picture.

A favorite card by cardmakers? I don't have screenshots, but have seen my "You've got mail" card repinned many times, and it also got the most views and comments in the Two Peas gallery. Plus, I got a couple of e-mails, asking about instructions for it.

I didn't make a tutorial yet, but I hope to do one soon, as I promised the ladies who e-mailed.

In 2013 I made 15 explosion boxes!

Considering these are a little time consuming, that was pretty amazing! Another interesting fact is that I made 5 in the first 11 months and 10 in December. Favorite? Probably the one that had two more boxes nested inside, which was made for my little sister...

 I did another year of Project Life - 52 weeks of photos!
I don't have 52 spreads, since I had to combine a few weeks together and I didn't journal as much as I wanted, but the year of photos are in! Hope to share a few weekly spreads sometimes soon. I used this simple but gorgeous "Midnight" edition set.

I plan to continue on using same set this year too, since I have enough cards left to complete another Project Life album!

In 2013 I did 109 posts!

That's not near as much as some other people do, but it sounds like an accomplishment to me. The most popular one? - "Scrapbooking on a budget" - It has over 3,500 views! I'm not sure what, but I guess I did something right there... or maybe that subject just sounded interesting to many. Second most popular post - "8.5x11 versus 12x12", also one of the "Scrapbooking on a Budget" posts.

In 2013 we added over 5,400 photos to our library.

That's what I have left after deleting about twice as much. It would be impossible to pick just one favorite photo of the year! But this one sure is one of them:

In 2013 I was invited to be on a design team!

A very special thank you to Julie and her team of talented and creative people of Les Papiers de Pandore! I'm completely in love with the products they release and hope to continue on this fun journey! Favorite collection? Love them all! Well, I guess "Crochetin'" at the moment...

... maybe because that's the one I'm working on right now!

In 2013 I was published in a French Scrapbooking magazine! 

What an honor! Thank you ladies! Thank you Esprit Scrapbooking magazine! Looking back, I remember it feeling like a dream. It sounded too good to be true! I didn't totally understand that they are publishing an interview and a whole bunch of work in a separate article!

In 2013 I won a weekly challenge and a gift certificate for Two Peas in a Bucket store and a surprise box from Nancy Damiano! 

It was a great year! Thank you 2013 for a lot of blessings and great memories! Thank you new followers and a BIG thank you to those who take a minute to leave a comment!

photo via Pinterest.

Welcome 2014! 

Welcome new projects, new adventures, new friendships, new challenges, new opportunities, new collections and new memories! And HERE is where I chose to record, remember and share it!

Thank you for visiting My Creative Corner and I'll see you soon!


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  1. Wow, that was a very fun year for you, indeed! A lot was accomplished. I was really thinking of doing PL this year but I cannot keep up with photo-taking. What I am really hoping of doing is a Christmas mini book, like the kinds people do on youtube with lots of pull-outs, pockets and interesting little things. With that in mind though, I can't think of what exactly that album will contain- pictures from just one Christmas Day or pics from the entire Christmas season. Give me ideas everybody, please!

  2. It depends on how big you want to make it, but adding photos from entire season will unfold your life at that time period more fully. You can make several pages from Christmas day, since that's when we usually take the most photos, but add more pictures in from other days too!

  3. Ya etot post neskol'ko raz smotrela, xotya srazy neyspela ostavit comment sorry.
    Eto prosto vosxititel'no stol'ko mozhno bilo vsego yspet za etot god, deystvitel'no est' point takogo bloga, esli che zabudesh ili radi detok, to vse est zafiksirovano.
    So proud of you and all your accomplishments sister!!!
    Blessings to you i na etot god!

  4. HUGE congrats all around, my dear! You're ever so deserving and talented in every way! TFS! And may 2014 continue to bring you great success!

  5. Imagine my surprise to see your link back to my Pinterest board! I love your style and was so happy to find your blog. Your work is beautiful and truly an inspiration.