понедельник, 5 декабря 2011 г.

December Daily - days 1 & 2

I'm not very good at posting on weekends, so finally today I'm sharing my first two days of December Daily. Just wanted to note a few things I really enjoy right now:

1. Working on DD as we go, instead of waiting and hoping to finish it later.
2. Enjoy the privilege of printing my pictures at home as needed in any size.
3. Keeping my DD very simple. "Dreaming of a white Christmas" - I enjoy our white Christmas Tree and my DD seems to reflect a lot of white too.
4. Having radio with Christmas station on during this season.

So, for my first day I have an envelope with a photo and a journaling on the back side:

and a page with pictures for the day.

Day 2 has a strip of four pictures and a journaling card that goes over one of them:

(Sorry, I didn't realize this image was out of focus) just wanted to show you how that card opens.

Hope your albums are getting some memories in them too! Will be back to share more!

Great day to all of you!

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  1. WOW! I didn't know you already got few pages done! Looks good! I guess that should be the way to do it, instead of trying to put it all together the last minute like I did last time(and with your help) :-) Having that privilege to print your pictures makes it possible. I better think of a better plan to work on my DD.
    I love that picture of Liana "posing", that is so cute!

  2. Thanks! You make come over and print a few pictures, but also I'll be placing a photo order online this week, so you can add yours to my order too. Work 5 days at a time :)

  3. Love , love, love your first few pages! So nicely done :)

  4. Hi,
    Came over from Ali Edwards' blog.
    Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your pages....and can't wait to see more! TFS.

  5. Anya, y tebya stol'ko mnogo posetitelei a ti dyamala chto mi odni. Mne ochen' nravitsya tvoya simple style. Maybe i ll do something very simple too (pictures, and white pages will probably work for me).

  6. Anya, this post accentuates that DD is supposed to be fun instead of overwhelming! Thank you for that! Liana is a little model

  7. Beautiful pages, as usual! Simple, yet has so much depth to it! Can't wait to see your other pages!
    Liana is so cute as always :)

  8. Thanks for the post, by the way :) Will be waiting for more... :D

  9. Thank you all! Your comments make my day!

    Got to go choose a picture for the day and write a note - there was so much laughter here that I still have a smile frozen on my face... unfortunately we didn't have a photographer to go after us and take pictures...

  10. Looking through the old posts, and wanted to cry. Wish I was at home with family instead of here at school where all we do is learn. :)