четверг, 1 декабря 2011 г.

Hello December!

This morning we woke up to this note on the wall:

It's nice when kids like to be involved in family projects. This message definitely set the right mood for the day! Thank you girls!

Yesterday, I decided to make just another DD cover for my sister so she has a choice too, even though she said the other one would've worked just fine. I cut up a Christmas card in pieces and used these images as a little window into what December has to bring:

I guess I was into "Let's make something already" mood, so I also made a little Christmas card, using leftover pieces of paper and an extra flower that didn't get on the DD cover. Most of these papers are from Lost and Found collection by My Mind's Eye.

We did touch on Thanksgiving earlier, but never talked about Black Friday. I know that opinions are very different on this subject. What I have learned - department stores will have just as good sales next week and a week after that, so I don't go there. But where I do like to go is craft stores.

Year after year I'm just amazed at some of those great deals they have plus an extra % off entire purchase coupons. So, I got both of (pink and blue) 6x6 Lost and Found collections for $1.80 each that day. These 6x6 pads are one of the hottest products in the industry and now I know why...

... and I got this chocolate album by American Crafts for only $8.75 when it's original price is 20 dollars else where.

Well, I hope you have a great day and if you by any chance already stressed out about December Daily (my sister neighbor, I'm talking to you), go read Ali's latest post. She is so good at encouraging people.

Have fun and I'll see you around here pretty soon!

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  1. Happy December?! That was nice of them, surprised Suzanna didn't draw any pictures on it :-)
    Where and when did you get those packets? I thought we were shopping together, I should've came back to AC more.
    Thank you for the encouragement, just read her post, it helps. And I am actually not stressed about it just yet :-)

  2. Yep, A.C.Moore it was. And note was Alena's idea, she get up before everyone else :)

  3. I agree, Anya, about Black Friday deals at craft stores. They did have some really nice coupons for Fri, Sat. and Sun after Thanksgiving.

  4. How nice of your kids! :)
    That's a nice cover for DD, so this year you have made 3 so far, any more? :D Nice card too!
    I totally agree with you about black friday...it's just ot worth it. I think there are bigger sales in the weeks to come after that. But I was thinking of buying craft related stuff :) but didn't really get time for that :/ oh well, there'll be other times
    You got a great deal with those paper packs, nice!
    Keep posting every day :) that will keep us going!!!

  5. Anya THANK you SO MUCH fo my DD cover! And the first one would've worked perfectly for me, I told you, but YES I really like the second one! Thank you again!
    (am I getting just a cover this year?)

  6. So Anya who gets that very beautiuful Christmas card? Who is that special someone?

  7. Tanya, are you hinting Anya about her neighbors that will be lucky to receive such beautiful card?

  8. Anya, y tebya takie krasivie covers polychyautsya, chto ya toje sebe hochy odny, tol'ko ya eshe ne znau chto ya s nei bydy delat', but i want one too : )

  9. Anya, what type of adhesive do you use for little letters or numbers? Glue pen or something else?
    By the way, my rounded corners are getting just a spec better now! Yay!!!

  10. Congratulations Anka! Yes, for tiny letters I do use glue pen by Martha Steward.

    Katya, are you still deciding about being involved in DD this year?

  11. She is participating :) Ya kak eio neighbor decided for her ;) Da Kat? :D

  12. well i am taking pictures..i just want to find something where i can just sick my picures in and put numbers. want something about the same size as my last year's DD. any ideas?

  13. If you need letters or numbers or shapes or whatever, you can always come over and get them cut out from the silhouette. Maybe if you don't want to do the album like last year, use page protectors and a mini binder which you can decorate....an idea...

  14. Lora, do they even sell mini binders anymore? Because I was looking for one and could never find it!

  15. To tell you the truth, i'm not sure about in the stores, probably scrapbooking stores would carry them, but I'm pretty sure they have them online.
    Ya dazhe ne smotrela i ne iskala nigde, I just know that people have used them for smaller size projects and just placed page protectors inside and they looked great.
    Mozhet online posmotri...
    How's college going? Uzhe almost the end of semester, yaaaaaay :)

  16. By the way everyone, thanks so much for the prayers for my last test, it went really well! Slava Bogy! Now just 2 more papers, a mock code assessment and 3 tests and i'll be all done with God's help!!!

  17. Lora, college is great! I'm so happy my sud'ba tak slozhilas with education and I never got into hygiene program. God had much better plans for me which I'm thanking Him every single day for. Everything I now learn is very interesting, not like it was for the gen. ed. classes-so boring.Next week is my last week of classes for the semester and then finals.
    How are you feeling? Ready to have that baby? Pridumali name?

  18. That's great to hear!
    I'm feeling pretty good so far. This past week however, I've had a cold, not a huge one, but i'm taking it easy, staying in whenever I can, or when I am ordered to :D Slava Bogy, tolko nos esheo techet...
    Yea, we are very eager to see this little guy and it seems like he's ready too, or at least most of the time it feels like it with all the poking and stretching in there, he's getting bigger and stronger :)
    Name? We've only had one from the beginning and I can't think of anything else, but we're not even sure it will stay, it might change. It's a hard thing to do, pick a name for a little one, especially a boy I think.
    Are you keeping up with your DD? :)

  19. By the way Anichka, I'm eagerly waiting for the next post <3
    You know it's my break from studying constantly!!!

  20. Lora hope you feel better soon! That just doesn't sound like a good combination on the last few weeks of pregnancy getting sick while trying to get through all the finals. Bog b pomosh tebe i visdoravlivay!
    Anka we are happy for you! That makes all the difference when you study something, that you actually have a passion about. Good luck to you!

  21. Thank you, girls!
    Lora, I hope you'll feel better. What I'm doing is taking pictures daily which then I look at them and immediately pick out the ones I want and save them on USB and I also type up the journaling for each day and just save it in my Word documents. That's what I have been doing so far.

  22. Thanks!
    Anka, that sounds like a good plan, are you going to try to do some pages or are you waiting to finish the semester and then concentrate more on DD?