четверг, 25 февраля 2010 г.

A finished page. Really?

I'm back as I promised with a page. Even though I couldn't upload my image on that same day, I did finish a page yesterday. It was fun to go ahead and do something without overthinking all the little details.

I went with the first design I had in my mind, first paper choices, gray background (which is very unusual for me) and felt totally fine with that. So, I'm learning. Learning to go from "just dreaming about scrapbooking" to "actually doing it" .

Here is a layout about the last day of summer:

Will be back with some more. I need to learn how to photograph pages. And how to resize them too.

See you soon!

понедельник, 22 февраля 2010 г.

Thanks Ali

She has written so many articles about me. I was reading Studio "A" section in CK magazine of March 09 issue this morning, and felt like she was totally talking to me. Feel totally inspired now, and there might be a page happening today!

"5 common trouble spots" by Ali Edwards. Just a few words from each spots that she covered:

1. Thinking your project has to be perfect. Focus on the story you are trying to communicate rather than attempting to achieve creative perfection...

2. Having too much stuff. You might end up taking all the time you set aside just choosing what items you want to use on a layout...

3. Comparing yourself to others. There's no right or wrong way to scrapbook! Remember: If you are scrapbooking, you're doing it right!

4. Not telling your story with words as well as photos. Journaling is really one of the most important parts of the scrapbooking.

5. Not backing up photos. Make it a habbit to back up your photos, print out the ones you love the most and plan to scrapbook, and burn them to a DVD. It's worth the time and effort.

I will be back with my unperfect layout which carries some dear memories I want to share and remember. Yes, it's that simple. See you later today.

четверг, 18 февраля 2010 г.

Hello sister...

I have at least three layouts completed in my head, have started one of them and would like to use some of the new products I got for a mini book...

Every night I think tomorrow I'll have more time, but tomorrow is even shorter than today... Well, at least I may consider this post as being "something", it's still a little better then your non existing blog with never happening posts...

No, I'm not mad, just wondering how long should I still wait. Go read those quotes we send each other, which were my motivation.

But, I guess I share a page I did a while ago, since I don't have any recent ones.

Almost finished project...

Hello. I decided to share something new today. It's not totally scrapbooking related, but the reason I decided to go with these colors, because I loved a bunch of layouts that were done in this color combination - orange and green, with brown and white accents.

So, I've finally went back to work on my kids rooms again. They never were finished after I painted them. I was waiting for some type of inspiration, and I found it in a chair I got at Kohl's. Don't you just love those deals when you can get something for 50 dollars that was originally priced $175.00? I do too!

Here are some pictures from the first room. Still missing a few picture frames on the wall.

Today, my daughter saw her finished room for the first time - she even had to cut the ribbon to enter the room:))) Just wanted to make it a little more fun and special. She totally loved it! And that makes me happy too. Now, I have to move to the next one. Thanks for stopping by!

See you!

четверг, 11 февраля 2010 г.

An accomplishment!

Ну вот наконец, после длительного перерыва, я сделала страничку. Для того чтобы снова возобновить в себе чувства искуства - я scraplifted страницу из журнала Creating Keepsakes by Jackie Stringham. (Справа фото странички из журнала, что бы было видно насколько близко она была скопирована). В принципе я только поменяла цвета.

Страница о поездке Алены с классом из школы в Вашингтон. Journaling на оранжевом принадлежит Алене, а на белом просто коротко описываются некоторые места которые они видели.

Спасибо что заглянули и до новой встречи!

вторник, 9 февраля 2010 г.

What a joy

Сегодня у меня в планах было переделать кучу работы, но наша пунктуальная почта заявилась вот с этим подарком и теперь вижу что моей куче придется подождать.

Когда я узнала что некоторые из моих любимых талантливых "друзей" покидают журнал Creating Keepsakes, я решила заказать прошлые номера на e-bay. Нашла вот этот набор - в нем как раз были все журналы за 2008 год. Я тогда не была подписчиком а просто купила пару номеров в магазине и поэтому повторяется буквально 2 или 3 номера, но я ими просто могу с кем нибудь поделиться. Что меня приятно удивило, это то что все журналы были просто в идеальном состоянии.

Ну вот, теперь читаю журналы вместо того чтобы жарить блинчики...