воскресенье, 17 июня 2012 г.

Наше благословение

Прежде всего хочется сказать - Слава Богу за его милость, благословение и подарочек которым он пополнил нашу семью! Сердце преисполненно благодарностью за то, как чудно Он всё устроил и за здоровенького сынулю! Спасибо также вам, друзья и родственники, за вашу поддержку в молитвах, посещения, звонки, поздравления, пожелания, гостинцы и подарки! За то, что окружили нас своей заботой, вниманием и цветами!

Наше маленькое чудо в белой обвёрточке:

Ещё раз всем спасибо и Божиих вам благословений!

четверг, 7 июня 2012 г.

Welcome SUMMER!

Hello friends! For those who are wondering - yes, I'm still here at home... We are enjoying our first day of summer together. The weather is perfect and having kids home without a thought of homework is great! They deserve a break after a year of hard work.

If you know me, you probably know how much I love pictures! And for that reason I love Project Life jest as much:)) How else would you remember the happiness on their faces on the last day of school?... Yeah, I might be just one mom in the neighborhood with a camera on their last day, but I want to remember these moments!

This is the moment when the summer has officially begun! Coming home from school on the very last day - can anything be happier than that? Oh! How I remember those days being a student myself. Feel like I need to make a page about it:))
These are the "last day of school" smiles!))

My kids like to keep journals. Both of their journals were getting too full and I thought starting new ones right in the beginning of a summer would be a perfect idea. But I wanted their summer journals be more like Smash book type. I told them, that they can choose some photos to add to their journals whenever they want - I wanted too see the summer from their own perspective. It will give them something to do and it will be a memory they will treasure forever:)

We are blessed to live next door with my sister and her family. (School pictures have four kids - two of them are mine and two are my sister's). So, the idea of Smash books was very exiting for my kids, they shared with their cousins and decided to do four of these books. The more people are involved the funner it is. (Just like we did our ABC books... Remember?)

And here are some images of finished Summer Smash Books:

I've cut all the titles for these books with Silhouette. I added a few pockets inside for memorabilia but kept inner pages pretty plain, letting them do what ever they desire... Here are just a few pages from one of the books:

And here all four of them (three facing front cover and yellow one facing back):

Backs of Smash books (front of the yellow one):

Thank you for stopping by! And I wish everyone the greatest Summer ever!

Mine looks great already - my 14year old just delivered a glass of homemade Frappe to me! Got to go sit outside to enjoy it!

See you later!

понедельник, 4 июня 2012 г.

Mini book (finally!)...

Today I wanted to share with you a mini book I did for my mother-in-law (the one I've mentioned here quite a few times before). Even though I started way before her birthday, (that was the only thing she wanted for her birthday, but she doesn't know I'm making it) I still couldn't send it on time. Her birthday is today and just today I'm taking it to the post office. Well, I was working on multiple things at once throughout this time plus I did have one BIG OUCH with this book.

My biggest fear when I scrapbook is to spill liquids on my work surface, so for that reason I try not to have any of those on my table. Last week when I sat down with intentions to finish this book, I had a bowl with warm water under the table for my feet (something I saw on Pinterest). My album wasn't glued together yet, and still had an accordion shape. So, as I sewed on one side... the other one slipped off the table... and went right into the water... I had to redo one fourth of the book. Lesson learned. No water in the scrap room! On the table or under it!

The idea of inner pages for this mini book came from Marie-Laure, French scrapper - enlarged photo, flips with smaller pictures and a pocket to hold things. But I had to figure out the way I will put it all together, but I had a formula to work with.

This pocket will hold a note:

 I divided this album by months (to give it some flow), adding one 5x7 photo for each spread, four horizontal pictures for inner flips and two vertical 3x4 photos for the pockets:

In the beginning I wanted to have a journaling spot on one of the flips, but then realizing I wouldn't be able to complete it on time, I just replaced it with more pictures.

I cut out words using Silhouette for the pockets to add a little something to them.

 When the book was done (and I knew it's finished dimensions, I made a cover with heavy cardboard inside. To bind the book together, I decided to try something new instead of rings. I made all pages separately, but then glued them together with a folded strip of paper. To make sure they stay together, I sewed every page with sewing machine. It's a fun way to make a mini book, but it does take a little longer.

For the cover I used paper by Heide Swapp, ribbon, flowers and rhinestones. I tried to keep it pretty simple, knowing it will be handled a lot.

I hope all the work was worth it and I'm glad it's finally done.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a very wonderful day!