пятница, 24 июня 2011 г.

Привет из Флориды!

Наконец я решила потратить пару минут для того чтобы поделиться с вами маленькой частичкой нашего путешествия. Много писать не буду, так как мы слишком заняты... только по пару слов для каждого фото:

Пять минут до отъезда:

В дороге:

До сих пор в дороге:

Ехали мы дольше чем вам кажется. Тринадцать часов в первый день.

Здесь мы остановились на ночлег:

Оставалось ещё три с половиной часа езды:

Эффективное использование энегрии перед дорогой:

Остановка в McDonald's:

Напитки и мороженное на дорогу:

Добро пожаловать в St.Petersburg:

Встреча с родственниками:

И наш совсем не ожиданный сюрприз! Я вообще не любитель сюрпризов, потому что как известно, далеко не все умеют держать секреты, и поэтому портят сюрпризы другим. Эти двое - другая история. Все это время, когда мы готовились в отпуск, они не собирались с нами, а когда мы приехали во Флориду, и уселись за стол (мама в этом деле большой специалист), вдруг подъехала машина .... в дом заходят:

Мало того что у нас у всех челюсти отвисли от этого, они привезли с собой ещё один сюрприз, который зашел пару минут позже:

А это место на котором мы остановились:

Несомненно, одно из самых лучших мест!

По некоторым из этих причин у нас совсем не было время выйти на интернет. Водяная гимнастика:

Прышки в воду:

Воллейбол на пляже:

Очередь за мороженным:

Прогулки по городу:

Отдых над трассой (не спрашивайте... похоже что ему было удобно):

Прогулки по тропическому саду в гостинице:

Посещение поместной церкви:

Общения, приглашения на обед, посещение родственников:

А больше всего нас отвлекал Саша. Он успевал быть везде и всюду. Нет, с ними не соскучишься:

Ира was fun:

But Sasha was funnier!

We are having a great time!

Продолжение следует...

вторник, 14 июня 2011 г.

More layouts

Busy, busy week. I was really hoping to post last night but there was an unexpected volleyball tournament in our backyard. Don't have much time but I really wanted to pop in and share layouts for the challenge.

I shared a sneak peak of my "black+white+ one color" page, and I had to change everything as I was working on it... again. I ended up with a different third color and a totally different design. So I guess sharing something that I am working on is not a good idea. But I did get TWO pages done.

I ended up with blue for my first layout. It was one of those pages that I didn't even have to sit down for. I was moving things around while doing laundry. Very, very simple:

Close up :

For my second layout I used shades of pink as my third color. I'm trying to scrapbook more of my older photos and these are from 2006.

Close ups:

I got two pages from other girls. Love them both! Katya used cream as her third color. I love the layering and details on her page. Especially how she added the cutout flowers on top of pattern paper. The stamped date is very clever and I think that the colors work well with the pictures. Love those rubons too! Katya's page (Эту страничку сделала Катя):

Anka used brown plus one color on her layout. I love her clean liner look here. Love the velum overlay on her title, the way she divided and overlapped her journaling, and that perfect ribbon color as it was from the day of the wedding (maybe it was). Very cute brads too. Here is Anka's page (эту страничку сделала Аня О.):

I asked Katya to pick our next challenge and she said - A layout from your own wedding. (I think that she just wanted to make fun of my pictures.) She knows I never scrapped any of them because they are so bad. But I guess that's what challenges are for and sometimes it's fun to be on this side.

Have a great day and I'll see you soon!

четверг, 9 июня 2011 г.

Favorite place and Finished LO

I have finally ordered some enlargements and arranged them in photo frames on the wall in our basement. Just wanted to decorate this place a little, since we spend a lot of time here during hot summer days. I sill need photos for that tall frame in the middle, even though it all started with that exact frame.

Here is our favorite place in our house during hot season:

I was finally able to take a picture of the place without my little helper in the middle, but then she wanted some pictures of her:

And here is my finished LO I shared earlier ( I knew, I can't commit. I just HAD to move a few embellishments around since I posted a sneak of this page):

I always took a lot of photos when we went picking cherries, but never scraped any of them, and now with the right season in, I made a page using pictures from 2006. Some close ups:

And journaling, for those who like to read:

Enjoy your day and take a little step in making your challenge LO happen. Just pick papers (it only takes 5 minutes), or photos, or draw a sketch of you project. Remember - ten minutes is not enough to create a page, but three times 10 minutes will have your LO being close to being done. Waiting for your pages tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!

среда, 8 июня 2011 г.

On my table...

June 8th. Today is the official last day of school for my kids! They've been waiting for this day for so long. I'm so glad we can spend more time together now.

I thought I'll share some pieces of what I discovered on my table after cleaning it. First is a layout I've been working on, that still needs journaling and a few final touches:

... a mini book, that I started last summer, and 'm finally ready to finish it:

... and a layout for our weekly challenge - yes, my third color is green:

And one more thing (this one was found on 2peas site, not on my table) - my Myrtle Beach lo was in top 3 of most bookmarked projects for the day!

I can't wait to see your projects for this week and I am so happy that summer is finally here! I wish you all the bestest summer ever (is bestest a word?)!

Hope to see you very soon!

пятница, 3 июня 2011 г.

Myrtle Beach layout

I'm back with my "Myrtle Beach" layout that has been sitting on my desk for a looong time now. Still not sure if I like the way title looks and don't like the fact that journaling pieces are all over the table, but never made it onto the page. Well, I'm sure there will be more pages from that trip and I could rewrite it for a new layout.

M and B letters were printed on white cardstock and cut out by hand:

I have a cork board on the wall in my creating corner. There are two spots for most recent layouts, which I replace every time I finish a new project, and I feel like this on is not going to go up since I'm tired of looking at it.

Have two more projects on the table. Hope they are not going to be staying there for too long. And one more thing: since our challenges are going to be 2 weeks apart for summer time, I would like to get you finished project by Friday, so that I have them ready to post over the weekend if possible. Thank you and have a great day!

четверг, 2 июня 2011 г.

"May Everyday" wrap up

Loking back, I am so glad I decided to do this project. So happy that these everyday moments were recorded. Did you know there was only one May this year? Only one May 2011 in the history of the world? One month. 31 days. Hundreds of pictures. Lots and lots of MEMORIES...

Here we go - no words, just pictures:

I have originally planned to share a layout I started last week, but couldn't finish because I ran out of tape runner, but I realized that my sister stole my camera for a day... so I did our month in review. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day with weekend coming up pretty soon!