суббота, 30 ноября 2013 г.


Hello friends! I don't usually stop here on Saturdays, since weekends are filled with church and family stuff, but today I'm staying home with two sick kids. While it's pretty nice and quiet here, as both of them are taking a nap, I thought I'll pop in to say hi!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving day. We certainly did! There's so much to be thankful for in our lives that we need to have Thanksgiving at least once every month! Just without the black Friday to follow it.

I have another card to share today. Again, it was made using lovely papers by Les Papiers de Pandore.

One of my favorite techniques lately is cutting a shape with Silhouette and covering it with glitter...

I added a lot of red pearls here to emphasise the star design on the paper.

I guess before I go, I have to share a couple of photos from Thanksgiving day... My girls helped me make a cake, apple filled roll and two salads to take along...

This is our happy family. It's a rare occasion when we are all together on one photo! (Still, two people are missing here, but it's as good as it gets:) Whenever all of us are together, we forget to take a photo:)

And this is what we had on our table. How can you not be thankful? Or how can you not like Thanksgiving? It's one of my favorite days of the year!

This is one of those days when you count your blessings, not calories! Right? Hope you had a great Thanksgiving celebration too! Oh, Irochka, thank you for letting us gather at your house this year! If there was a mess after we left, it wasn't us :))

Thanks for stopping by here! I like to hear anything and everything!

Until next time!

понедельник, 25 ноября 2013 г.

A card for you...

Hello and Happy Monday! I know not too many people like Mondays, but to me they are like a mini New Year! Monday is a great time to begin a new diet, or start eating healthier, or become a better mom and so on. Well, usually, those great intentions don't last until Tuesday, but there's always a hope I'll do better next Monday...

Since I happen to have a very busy Monday this week, I'm going to share a card I made earlier and I hope to be back very soon with more projects including a room makeover!

To make it, I used lovely papers by Les Papiers de Pandore, glitter stickers by Recollections, wood grain embossing folder, butterfly and rhinestones.

I have a few Christmas cards to share too! I'll share them as soon as I get a chance to take pictures. Got to go do the painting now. Not one of my favorite things to do, but I have two great helpers, so I hope we can get that job done quickly!

See you soon!

четверг, 21 ноября 2013 г.

"Can we take nim home?"

Hello friends! I have another layout to share with you today! This picture was taken last fall, even though page doesn't reflect fall theme:)) For this page I used a 6x6 "Bowties" paper pad by Basic Grey:
 It is a more masculine line, but you can totally use it for girls layouts!

 I used one of the pockets, that I made earlier. It simply serves as a decorative purpose here - no additional journaling or memorabilia. I added a little printable just for fun.

I seem to be a little abscessed with Cameo lately. It becomes a lot more fun to use it when you know all the little tricks you can do with it. This time I used a little Queen Anne flower, to add just a little green color to the page:)

That completes my post for today. Actually, there was this soup I made earlier last week, that I wanted to share with you too. Remember those Chinese postickers? Yeah, they made into soup now:) Same recipie for the potstickers, and A LOT of greens for the soup.

Basically it started with this:

 And ended up looking like that:

It may not look as appealing, but my kids, one after another (and I have many:) came to me telling how great it tasted! Plus, it's a healthy one! Definitely making it again! You may adjust it to your liking, but don't substitute kale! It's one of the most important ingredients here.

Now, I'm ready to say good by. I'm glad you come over! Thank you for taking time to say hi and I'll see you soon!

Have an awesome day!

понедельник, 18 ноября 2013 г.

"Every single day"...

Good morning! We were blessed with more gorgeous weather this weekend! It was too nice to stay indoors, so the kids spend most of the day outside...

But whenever the weather is not that great, we like to make art. Different types of art. I don't remember a day that Liana didn't do something art related. She LOVES to draw (just like her sisters did... and her mom when she was young... and her grandmother... and her great-grand father). I guess it was inherited... That's what my page is about today - Every Single Day...

I used a big circular design on one of the papers from Les Papiers de Pandore collection as my inspiration and a focal point of the page...

Added a few arrows to point at the words - I love to create.

I also made a card in similar color combination. There was this 3x4 card with nitting needles that reminded me of grandma. I used it to make a "Thank you, Grandma" card, because there's always something we can say thank you to her!

We just have to sign it and send it. I'm surprised how something as simple as a card can make a person's day a little brighter :)

Thank you so much for stopping by and I'll see you soon!

пятница, 15 ноября 2013 г.

Holiday card and a FREEBIE!

Hi everyone! I just LOVE making cards this year! I don't know why, but I started liking to create cards just as much as like making layouts! That is really weird, because for some unknown reason, I didn't let myself make one card for years!

For this card, I used two snowflakes (my own design:)) layered on top of each other.

 Cut out tag from Teresa Collins holiday pack from last year:

And a rub-on that I had in my forever...

Finished up with ribbon, stitching, pearls and a piece of cardstock on the back for stability. 

I was looking through the box of items that were set aside for DD last year and found a few memorabilia pieces, among which I found a flyer from Gymbore, and it had this "Happy Holidays" tag on front cover. Well, you know, as scrapbookers, we see embellishments everywhere :))) So, I've cut it out to use it on a card, but then a better idea came. I took a picture of it, adjusted the color, and made a collage :) Now I can print it and reuse as many times as I like!

Also, I wanted to share this piece with you too!

Click on the picture for larger resolution.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I wish you have a great weekend! Btw, one of the radio stations has Christmas music already on! We actually enjoyed listening to it today. It kinda fills your heart with warms and great memories...

Until next time!

среда, 13 ноября 2013 г.

"Hello 1991" ...

11-12-13... I know that's yesterday's date, but it looked pretty cool. I was planning to be here yesterday with the new page, but by the time I went to finish that journaling, it was already dark outside and that means I cant take a picture of it. I'm thinking about a light box more and more often lately...

I've made a new layout! And it's a Holiday related one as I promised. Honestly, I had so much fun creating this one and recording a memory that is more than twenty years old! Ouch... I feel really old now... Anyway, here is "Hello 1991" page:

It was just one of the moments from my childhood that I remembered so vividly. Of course I didn't have pictures to support the story, but that didn't stop me from recording it. There's such thing as Google. I found a few images that were pretty close to what I remember, and made a collage. I printed them b/w - that's how most of the photos looked back then (that old feeling again) and printed this photo at home. I also created that skyline in the Silhouette studio.

I used a clock, Christmas Tree and a calendar - items that support the theme for this page.I didn't want to bring attention to the bottom of the page, but that right corner seemed a little empty, so I added a very subtle numbers and a triangle that was covered in glitter to add some sparkle.

That's my page for today. I stayed up last night and made a few cards. I'll be sharing them soon. I'm not saying tomorrow, because who knows, we could get snowed in and I'd spend the day shoveling snow...

Hey girls, are you up for a challenge? I loved those times when we could share our pages of the same theme. I know we are all busy and stuff, but how about recording any Holiday memory and share it here with everyone on December 1st? I know, sometimes we need just a little push. That would be a great way to start a Holiday season plus, believe me, it will put you in the mood for Christmas! Let me know if that's too much.

Thank you everyone for stopping by and have a great day!

I'll be back soon!

понедельник, 11 ноября 2013 г.

New LO "Friendship"...

Hello everyone! Today marks 18 years since the day we said "I do". So many great memories... So many blessings! The kids don't have school today and my hubby took a day off, so we are having a day to enjoy together!

One of my pages went on the Les Papiers de Pandore blog today. It has one of my favorite photos of the girls and their cousins. They are so lucky to have each other! Whenever they are together - it's a party!

To support the party idea, I made a banner across the whole page using little tags, ribbon, banners and other cut out pieces. I loved how these papers supported the colors on the photo!

For this page I used: papers and stamps by Les Papiers de Pandore; alphabet stickers by Basic Grey, brads by Echo park and a 3x4 PL card. It was a very simple page and came out pretty quickly. I love when that happens. But right now I'm working on a page that is a little more challenging. I didn't have photos for it. I don't have very many photos from my childhood at all, especially if it was kind of an everyday moment.

Got to get the story down, and I'll be back to share it soon!

Enjoy your Monday and I'll see you tomorrow!

среда, 6 ноября 2013 г.

Fall is here...

Всем добрый день! Зашла сообщить что не бездельничаю хотя пока позать нечего. Сначала осенние цвета соблазнили меня сменить banner на сезон. Потом фото перебирала, стирала лишнее а то у меня компьютер тормозить стал... С одного только Recycle Bin пришлось стереть больше восьми тысяч фотографий...  А вообще у меня насобиралось пару работ которыми пока поделиться не могу.  Разве что в таком виде :)

Все работы были сделаны с новыми коллекциями от Les Papiers de Pandore

Нужно бежать кучу дел делать пока наш маленький уснул. А то он что то сегодня всё утро плохую погоду строил, видно не с той ноги встал.

До скорой встречи!

понедельник, 4 ноября 2013 г.

New projects using new collections...

Доброе утро девочки! Вчера опубликовали мою первую страничку с использованием новых коллекций от Les Papiers de Pandore, и сегодня, я тем же, могу наконец поделиться с вами. В наборе был один лист тёмно фиолетового цвета, который я сначала не знала как использовать, но заметив шарфик у Луизы, поняла что страничка в принципе готова...

Мне понравилось что вторая фиолетовая бумага имела как бы вязаный рисунок, который как раз в тему подхошел к вязаному шарфику...


Эти наборы просто переполнены красивыми карточками и тегами! Мне с каждой из них хотелось сделать открытку! Нам повезло что мы получили по два одинаковых листочка, а то я бы начинала их беречь и мне жаль было бы их использовать:) Вот моя первая открытка:

Что то мне очень нравится в этом году делать зимние открытки! Сосны здесь были вырезаны с помощью Silhouette. Я их покрыла клеем и обсыпала "снежком". Added pop dots for dimension :)

На сегодня к сожалению всё. Придётся идти выполнять пункты на моём длинном списке вещей которые нужно сегодня сделать :( Это конечно не так интересно как делать открытки или сидеть здесь, но похоже что его нельзя обойти...

Всем хорошего дня и прекрасного настроения!

До встречи!

пятница, 1 ноября 2013 г.

Hello November and Hello Sushi!

Hello friends! You knew it, right? If I promise to post something every day for a week, I will have a very good excuse for a missed day. Or two. Well, we are back with summer weather around here! We are taking advantage of that and spending as much of our time outside as possible!

It was a truly frozen yogurt weather.

You should've have heard the sound he made here :))

 This is how we waited for our older one while she was at her piano lesson.

Well, that was on Wednesday. Yesterday and today we played volleyball, worked in the yard (removing leftovers from tomato plants) and making lots and lots of Sushi.

My sweet cousin came over last night with a whole bunch of ingredient to teach us how to make sushi. She even brought her own slow cooker.

 It was fun and loud and very crowded here...

And together we made a pretty big tower of these delicious things! They were gone pretty quickly. But Liliya brought so many ingredients as if we were opening a Sushi bar! So, I just had to make more sushi this morning to use up some of them. Here is what they looked like right after I rolled them up (by the time I took a picture, two of these already disappeared):

It does take a little time, makes a mess in the kitchen, but you get so much of them - which makes homemade Sushi pretty affordable!

If you like sushi, please stop by, we still have some left! (I just realized, we made 20 rolls in two days... and each roll is cut into about 8 pieces) Maybe that's why I'm not hungry for Sushi anymore...

I will leave you on this note because I have to go take care of the dough that is trying to escape from the container it's sitting in. Thank you, Alyona, for making bread for us! And thank you for never complaining when I ask you to do it!

Thank you everyone for stopping by! Have a great weekend and I'll catch you here next time!

I have a new page and a card coming up next time! See you soon!