четверг, 26 апреля 2012 г.

Challenge at TwoPeas...

Hello! I have made a page for another challenge at Two Peas in a Bucket. One of the challenges there is to scraplift yourself - your own work. I like to participate in challenges, because it gives you a starting point. So I had to pick one of my layouts to repeat it again. I decided to go with one that I remember went pretty easy for me the first time. My new page:

Another challenge for me was combining this many colors on one page. I usually tend to make monochromatic pages, but today I felt like trying to add more colors like Kelly Goree or Summer Fullerton and many others do so well.
And my original layout was done back in September. I like when I can fit multiple photos on a page, so this 5-photo LO was done once again but in a mirror reflection with a few little changes. Here is an older page I scraplifted or you can check the post HERE :  

Hope you give scraplifting a try. Changing colors and pictures make it a different page, well almost. But I'm not planning on having these side by side in the album, so I guess those who will be looking at it wouldn't notice.

Best wishes from our house to yours!

среда, 25 апреля 2012 г.

A few cards

Hello. I'm a back a day later than promised, again. Well, blogger has changes the whole design and the way you look at your blog and posts and I should say I'm NOT enjoying it. With the older version it was so easy, and now you have to relearn this whole thing. I know, they probably wanted to do it to improve and make it better, but for now all I see is that it stops me from jumping in and adding a quick post. I guess I'd have to adjust to it. Maybe some day I'll agree that the new version IS better.

If you've been visiting me a couple of times before, you've probably noticed that I don't do many cards. I enjoy making pages with photos and stories more than cards. But last week I decided to make a few cards to have on hand, because I caught myself needing one when I didn't have any ready to use and didn't have time to make one at the moment.

I started with some 6x6 paper pads and made 5 cards using basically same supplies. Chances are they will all go to different people anyway. My main embellishments for all of them were flowers cut out from an Authentique Collection. I purposely made them pretty flat (no pop dots or ribbon), so that they can be easily mailed. Here they are a little closer:

Now I need to mail one of the Thank you cards to a very generous friend of mine!

Hope you have a great day and I'll see you later!

понедельник, 23 апреля 2012 г.

Just the way you are

 Hi. There was a list of challenges last week on Shimelle Laine's blog. One of them was to create a page in four quadrants by Jennifer Gallacher. I did that one, but couldn't submit it, because my computer shut down right before the time for adding a link expired. Oh, well. At least I enjoyed making a page, plus it came out pretty quickly, as any scraplift page does.

I loved these pictures of Katya from last summer. Her love for nature and any living creature is shown in her life and on these photos:

I will let her add the journaling here since she is getting a page. I'm sure she has a lot to say. These girls are so good at writing stories. We have opposite problems - if I don't know where to start, they usually don't know where to finish. 

Great day for everyone and I'll see you tomorrow!

среда, 11 апреля 2012 г.

11 on 11th

1. Hello everyone! Просто ещё раз хотелось поздравить с праздником всех тех для которых эти слова что то значат...

Picture was found on Pinterest.

2. I have spent too much time on the computer these last few days. I was helping my sister with two photo books, so when the question came about blogging, I just had to say - enough for today. That was the reason for being absent here. Done with books for now - back to blogging!

3. I first saw the idea of this cake in a magazine. A few days later it was all over Pinterest... Well, I figured my Mom and Dad don't visit that site (plus a few more people) so, I just had to make it:

4. Just a fun little reminder for all of you - since it's April 11, it means we should be on the letter K for both alphabets! It's ok if you are behind, but don't put it off for any longer. Remember - one sentence might be enough to tell a story.

5. My little one will be four this August, so I decided she needs to start learning some letters. A few times I wrote some letters in a notebook for her to copy and she seemed to enjoy it. But she was always done faster then I expected. So, to make it fun, I decided to combine her love of photos (she LOVES to look through photos!) and writing letters in one very mini album:

It measures only 3x3. I have printed a baby picture for every letter of the alphabet. Now she can take it and copy letters from this book anytime she wants to.

Yes, she really likes her little book.

6. Just wanted to ask - How come when Spring comes with spring cleaning - one happens by itself and the other one you should be doing? We did a little bit of Spring cleaning in the basement and one spot there really makes me not enjoy cleaning. That's the closet under the stairs. Somehow everything just creeps in there and it's really hard to organize stuff.

Wishing one day we could redo that whole corner into something like this:

I wouldn't mind those floors either :) Again, photo was found on Pinterest.

7. You know how toddlers come up with some funny things or ideas in their head? So, my little one realized (or was told) that everything that I eat -the baby eats. Now, every time I put something in my mouth she asks if I eat this for the baby... First of all - any time you ask me now, I can tell that I haven't eaten anything. For myself of course. And second of all - each time she asks that, I pause and think: Does my baby really need this peanut butter cup?

8. I did make a layout last week. Another one from a week before is waiting for a few words on it. I'm in the process of thinking how to make pages more meaningful. I have more free time on hand right now, so I can let myself make a page just because I want to. In the future, with a baby in the house, I would have to really pick and choose...

This one didn't really have a deep story. I just wanted to make a page, that's how it was born.

9. Thinking about our Easter dinner again (I think I'm hungry), I really wouldn't mind to have some more of this:

I can still smell it... Thank you brother for making this delicious meat for us. Another one of my favorites from that dinner was a broccoli and avocado salad that my sister made. I think I ate most of it. Delicious!

10. Making "плов" for dinner tonight.

11. Well, originally I thought it was the tenth of April, so I had only ten things I wanted to point out today. So this point actually features an excuse for not really having a point.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

вторник, 3 апреля 2012 г.

"Pink" post...

There were a lot of creating happening here, just not a lot of blogging. Sharing the other page in gray. Gray plus pink. This page has some of my favorite pictures. They were not the best quality (the reason they got printed in b/w), but they just captured one of the sweetest moments.

As you've probably noticed before, I love adding pearls to the page:

I also did another cover for ABC mini book. This one measures 4x5.5 I figured that these mini books will probably be handled a lot so I added cardboard between the top layer and inner paper of cover. Like the result - feels very sturdy.

More pearls...
Вчера мы должны были закончить букву "Б", и сегодня думать о следующей букве - "В" в руском алфавите или "С" в английском. Представить только, за один вечер сколько мы сможем узнать друг о друге! Can't wait!

Всем хорошего настроения и до новых встреч!