понедельник, 9 марта 2015 г.

Card in peach and black...

Hello friend! I was planning to stop by here in the morning, but my morning turned into afternoon... and smoothly transitioned into evening... Well, I'm finally here. I have to write pretty fast or... this thing may have to be posted tomorrow. Just wanted to share a new card I made last week using a mix of handmade and pre-made flowers.

Peach is one of my favorite colors! I used it with some black to give it a little more sophisticated look...

Also, I've added sentiment to the card in green, 'cause I couldn't find my black ink pad. I believe the last time I saw it is when my 2-year-old was making me cards with camels... maybe that's why it's missing... I wish I was as fast as he is. He makes six cards a minute! Yeah...

Using some 6x6 paper pads here and leftover rubons. In case you were wondering which flower is handmade - it's the peach rose. I tried a new technique with it. I knew that people were watering their paper, but was too stubborn to try it and never thought it would make such a big difference in flower making :))

Anyway, before my quick post becomes too long, I guess I better go. Thank you for stopping by! As always, love reading your comments! They are greatly appreciated by any artist - especially scrapbookers and cardmakers :)

Have a wonderful evening, and I'll see you soon!

3 комментария:

  1. Kak vsegda, otkritka super! i rozochka is very pretty too! the black makes all the difference in balancing everything out

  2. Thank you LB so much! You know what to say to balance my mood out :))

  3. Beautiful cards as always! :)
    I really want to see the one your 2 yr old made, haha stol'ko pomishnikov :)