Friday, March 27, 2015

Manly card...

Hello friends! I have two cards to share today. For both of them I used papers by Les Papiers de Pandore and some printables. I really needed a manly card, for a person, whose birthday is in Spring. I'm not sure how well you can tell it was made for a man, but the Spring theme is very present here :)

And the other one was made in pink and red color combination with brown accents.

I really enjoyed making these! Maybe because I don't get much free time for creativity lately :)) And yesterday I was just excited to make something! Well, I hope to be back soon, since I have some layouts that were done a while back, but were waiting for the journaling.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Анечка, очень красивые открытки, не могу выбрать какая из них мне нравится больше!))

  2. Спасибо Оксана! Ты меня успокоила, а то у меня с мужскими открытками совсем мало опыта :))

  3. Ваша ДашаApril 2, 2015 at 2:20 AM

    Анечка, я на одноклассниках писала, как будет минутка, загляни туда пожалуйста:)

  4. De très belles cartes. Félicitations, je suis admirative. Belle soirée !