четверг, 9 сентября 2010 г.


I've been noticing that my scrapbooking related ideas are not as organized as I wanted them to be. I have at least 6 different notebooks and journals with scrapbooking ideas all over the place.

So, today I finally decided to decorate a notebook and try to keep everything in one place.

I started with a plain notebook from Target. Liked this one because the lines in it are very light. Then I added some page dividers with tabs inside and rings to hold these additional pages in place.

And then I decorated the cover. I wanted to use this calm palette with my favorite papers at the time. I had to add stitching again, since I have stitch fever right now. I think, it just gives a book the more finished look.

The letters "w-book" stand for workbook, I just couldn't fit them all on a white piece of paper. And the circles at the top happened to apear there because I wanted to cover the blue flower print in the corner.

My book has 9 tabs with 9 different categories :
1. Chart. I made a chart that Becky Higgins recommended and add page ideas there that I want to complete in the future.
2. Page ideas. This one just has random thoughts on what I would like to scrapbook. Whenever I get an idea for a page or just a page title, it gets recorded here.

3. Quotes. I do have another journal with quotes, but since I wanted to kind of have everything organized in one place, I left a few pages in case my other book is not available at the moment.

4. Work in process. This section has the most pages. Whenever I'm ready to make a page, I start here with possible pictures, color palette, and jot down some journaling ideas.
5. Mini books. Similar to the previous section, but here I record ideas for mini books and other projects.

6. Good advices. Whenever I hear a good idea or advice (most of them come from listening to Roundtable episodes) I write it down here.

7. Journaling. Since it's the biggest challenge for me in scrapbooking, it deserves a separate section.

8 and 9. Each of these two sections have only a few pages and are for my personal notes. And here is a "before" look.

I really hope it will help me keep ideas more organized and all in one workbook instead of being scattered all over the place. And I hope it will help my scrapbooking process go a little smoother.

Have a great day!

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  1. Anya LOVE the book!!! When u make it look like that it almost makes u wanna have a work book! :-)

  2. he-he, it was fun to make it and it is fun to use it. At least I stoped switching between notebooks, not remembering where and what have I written in it.