четверг, 28 октября 2010 г.


Why is it that when you are so busy and don't have a spare minute - is when you want to scrapbook the most. I had company coming over tonight, but in the midst of cleaning and getting things done for upcoming events, I still got a page done.

It wasn't super complicated or innovative, but it finally felt right to scrapbook these photos. I pulled them out of the box at least 10 times before...

I should mention that photos are at least 6 years old. That was before my SLR or even any digital point and shoot camera for me.

So much easier to make a page where I took time to write journaling before gluing everything down and then trying to find a spot to write something (did that before)...

My favorite part in completing a layout is when I can finally stitch something on it and get a box with embellishments trying to find that something that just brings everything together and makes it more fun. In this case it was Basic Grey's goodness (love their Offbeat collection) that made all the difference on this page.

I have more "almost finished" projects to share later.

Until next time!

4 комментария:

  1. I LOVE those pictures SO SO MUCH!!!! Makes me think of our parents pictures... just LOVE them! And to put them on a layout like that, even better! Nice job!

  2. Thanks! To remind our parent's childhood - that was the whole point...

  3. Anya I remember that day like it was yersterday, it was such a great idea. I think we should repeat it again with our Zhenya and Lianochka.

  4. I think u should too!!! But this time, include the adults too... would be funny!