воскресенье, 12 декабря 2010 г.

Day in December

I just love that, a desire to complete December Daily, makes you want grab that camera again and again. I know, I'll probably be glad when December will be over and I won't feel the pressure to take that many pictures every day, but I will be even more glad to have all of them. There are so many memories in everyday life that usually go unnoticed. 

My little one was playing "millioni" aka "Deal or No Deal". I don't know how she does that... but she was getting all the good numbers even though she pushed buttons with her fist!)) Yeah, needless to say that just a few minutes ago, I played with them and "won" 25 dollars...

No, it's not the numbers on the board that matter - their smiles do. I love seeing them play together. I know that there is quite a difference in age, but the little one doesn't suffer from lack of commending abilities.

Eleven days of December are gone. Twenty more to go. More pictures to take. More memories to treasure.

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