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A little over a year ago, we got a little kitten. It wasn't really our choice. We have a number of relatives who decided that we needed a pet. My husband has never been a big fan of animals living inside of our house, but kids wanted him to stay. This creature was delivered to our house and stayed with us ever since.

From the first day, he became the a good friend of our youngest daughter. I don't know why he picked her. Maybe he was choosing by size. But he seemed to like her a lot.

He was following her. Waiting for her while she was sleeping.

We were trying to find him a perfect name, but couldn't choose one that would fit his personality. He was getting bigger by the day, and we finally decided to name him "Mufasa".

Liana and Mufasa... Every day there was a new story to tell about these two.

Poor little kitten... what did he have to go through?

Besides being loved, he was also pulled by the tail... picked up by his head... stepped on... thrown from the stairs... hit with a ball... stuffed into drawer... sat on... carried in not the most convenient position... given rides in the laundry basket... dressed up in hair clips... and more loved.

These are some of my favorite pictures of them two. Lots of hugs:

and kisses:
Everyday in our house you could hear hundreds of times "Liana don't touch the cat!" This cat had an extraordinary patience. Despite all the trials he survived, and seems to like her so much.

One day, when Liana was crying, he came over and started going around her feet trying to calm her down. I thought it was a coincidence, but it has repeated a number of times since.

Well, all of that was only an introduction. Now, comes the real story. Or I should say, that story takes a different turn.

Our Mufasa was getting big and fat and lazy. Winter time. Don't we all gain weight during winter months? But then "he" was starting to act a little weird. That's when our first thought of "what if this is not really a HE", and two days later Mufasa surprised as with this:



Are you sure?

Yes. I guess whoever told us that "he" was a boy, was really wrong. No, we are not planning to give her a different name... We're just gonna have to find a lot of new homes for these kittens later, where they can be loved, at least as much as Mufasa is loved here.

See you later!

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  1. wow, Anya! I seriously can't believe it! That's so crazy! Not too long ago we were at your house and kept correcting Ruslan that that's not koshka, it's kot. So funny! And how we all kept saying that your cat is big and fat. Wow, wow, wow. That's one super interesting story!

  2. And poor pregnant cat was tortured by Liana so much! lol

  3. I can't believe this!!!! Wow is right, no wonder everyone was saying that "he" was getting fat :) poor kitty..... He must love her a lot! Cutest pictures ever!!! I love them! So so adorable!!!

  4. Anya... this could not have been put together any better!!!! Love, Love, Love the story!! It almost made me cry! Or maybe I'm just in the mood to cry... well anyway... LOVE the pictures!!!!!!! But you didn't say how they came into this life, you know... 3 in one day, one more hours later, and then jokingly we told you you're going to have 5, and the NEXT day a 5th was born? Anyway... they are SO CUTE!!! :-) :-) by the way... I"m coming over tomorrow! :-D

  5. Anya this sentence ---> "We're just gonna have to find a lot of new homes for these kittens later, where they can be loved, at least as much as Mufasa is loved here." ...is so SO SWEET!!! REALLY!!!!!!! So SWEET!!!

  6. Thank you girls!! I do plan to make a lo using some of these pictures and story in future...

  7. Ira I totally agree with you, Anya really knows how to put the story together. Even though I heard the news over the phone, after reading the story it seamed like "brad new information". Very cute pictures.

  8. Yeah,Anya has 9 kids already! Maybe u want a little puppy now?

  9. Haha then Vitya will have the whole house to him self, cuz he will kick all of them out! haha dont even mention anymore animals to them :-) but can't wait for the kittens to open there eyes and get a little bigger! They r so CUTE!!!!!

  10. haha that's funny and at the same time not. The saddest thing is that they all will soon be separeted. Its heart breaking

  11. Duska, the only way not to separete them is to give them al to one person... You know, Ira was looking for a house... if they buy one, she will have enough room for all of them! Ok, we'll keep the mom.

  12. hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
    this is definately my favorite post ever!!! i was so surprized too mom, don't worry. u still like them right?