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December Daily 2011 details

November 30th. I'm glad that I was able to finish it all and organize before December first. Can't believe that tomorrow my DD gets it's first recording. Very excited! I love that my kids like to be involved and they even offered to journal everyday in their notebooks just i case mom will miss a day.

So, for my DD cover I wanted it to be light and simple. I cut out title with Silhouette and used negative part of it for a cover with a word paper underneath. Very simple, just the way I thought I wanted:

But then, I wasn't sure if I will be inspired to work with it throughout the whole month, and decided to make one more cover, just in case I like the other one a little better. It seems like a tradition now to make two covers each year.

For my second cover I still tried to keep it light (last two albums from previous years were burgundy), but with a little more details this time:

I added some stitching and had to add some rhinestones (because my little helper had them glued all over the table):

Added some ribbon and roses:

It was the skinniest ribbon I ever made roses from. It wasn't exactly the color I wanted but it kinda worked:

And this is what my DD has inside:

I keep a box with extra patterned paper and daily numbers to include when needed. I didn't want to number my pages now, because you know me - I need a freedom to choose and change things around as I go.

Here is one of the diecut pages glued onto the transparency:

And a gold transparency by Hambly:

Ok. I always wanted to see how a 4x6 December Daily would look like and that's why I made another little book. I did have a special person in mind who could use it, so if she reads this and decides she want to give it a try - it's all hers.

Here is the what it looks like:

I didn't punch holes in it because she has the cutest little hole puncher. I saw it.

One picture a day, which is glued to the back of a patterned paper from a previous day. Add a journaling tag and a day number and it's done. Here is an example of how it can be used:

Or if you have more than one picture for that day - make a photo collage:

I wanted to see how big this little DD will look at the end, so I grabbed random 25 pictures and stacked them underneath:

It will be a little thicker if you use all of the tags, that I premade for this book:

That is it for today. Hope all of you have your camera batteries charged and ready to go. My biggest goal is to write something down few times a day, so I don't have to spend any extra time when assembling a page together. And my wish is to actually work on my December Daily during December, when it's all fresh and I'm still in the Holiday mood (not January or even later).

Great DD post by Ali Edwards as she looks back on her albums from previous years here: http://aliedwards.com/2011/11/december-daily-2011-25-ideas-and-story-inspirations.html

Enjoy your last day of November and have the best December ever!

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  1. Hello DD time! Yey! Here comes my creativity and talents to take pictures(not :-)) and put in in the Book. O well, I just keep reminding my self that I have my own unique style and it is still a great memory!
    It was good idea for kids to hepl with journaling, I actually already discussed that with my kids, who can actually be good at it.

  2. Anya that DD cover looks amazing! I am so glad that you decided to try 2, I can hope that the 2nd one would be mine :-)
    And those little helpers :-) the good think about it is that eventually they turn into a REAL helpers like mine. I wouldn't even take the risk doing it this year, if it wasn't for my children!

  3. Anya, your second cover page looks gorgeous! I love it! I kept mine simple but elegant and so excited because I'm starting it today since it's Rusik's birthday.

  4. Thank you! Tanya, whatever it takes. Just take it easy, one day at a time.

    Anka, what is your plan for completing your DD album? Page a day and adding pictures later or a few days at a time?

  5. Anya, i really like ur DD covers. 1st one is simple but nice. Second one is just so creative. As i read ur blog i though "oh, maybe this special person is me who is getting this book", but then u wrote that special person has a cutest little hole puncher, and that ruined it all. I guess eto bydet dlya Iri ili Marusi. It's ok, maybe the moon will strike(haha)and i ll come up with something.

  6. Anya, how do u make those journaling tags?

  7. Can’t believe its December already… wow time flew so fast. Ohh and I know Slavic doesn’t visit here, but a good way to start the DD (Dec.1st) is to wish your brother a happy birthday! ;-)

    Anya what a beautiful cover! Love it!!! I like them all, but my fave is the “mini” one!! I So hope I could “have it” ;-) then even if it’s just my cell phone, I would still participate this year! ;-)
    And for journaling, can i borrow someones kid? I don't have any yet that could do journaling for me :-(

  8. Haha Ira "borrow a kid"?! Haven't you borrowed one for the past few months? :-) Since he didn't turn 18 yet, he would count as a kid. Did you check with him if he happened to be into scrapbooking? :-)
    Oh, I have an idea: since Sasha likes to talk a lot(and we love him for that) and u nego tak poluchaetsya sochenyat stixi. Here we go, Sasha sochinyaet a Vladik bistro vse pechataet, vse chto tebe ostayotsya delat eto take some picturs and put it all in "premade mini DD". It can't get any easier than THAT!!! :-)

  9. No we have to think of something for Duska. Neither one of your "3 kids" are any help at this point. :-)So I don't know :-(
    You do have a very creative neibor though. And you can always come over on Fridays, if I can be of any

  10. Anka it would be really nice to see yours this year! We don't get to see you that much and be at the same places. I bet there will be a picture of you shopping at our favorite grocery store, getting some fish salad or delicious cakes for your holidays :-)

  11. HAHA Marusya that a great point! I totally forgot about our "kid" that lives with us, its so funny we even call it his room... its nooot his room! haha :-) and yeah, Sashenka ha SO many interesting things to say, it sure would be an interesting/intertaining DD book! :-) i think i would be afraid to show it to people though :-D i'll ask if he will participate with me :-)

  12. he-he-he... ha-ha-ha... You all made me laugh so hard! Great mood for the beginning if DD!

    Katusha, I didn't know if you really wanted to participate this year, but with your new camera - how can you not? I will gladly make another 4x6 if it's going to work for you! The best part about it - there wouldn't be any mess! Let me know if you want it horizontal or vertical :)

  13. Katya, I used cards from photo boxes, that I cut into various shapes and rounded corners or used circle punch for some of them.

  14. ok, Anya, we got to talk about that little book. Hey, all the moms, watch this youtube video about nasmork y detei, very interesting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpBKc7VtmKg&feature=related

  15. Wow, while I was away so many comments!! :)
    Anya great way to get us all ready for the first day of December tomorrow, cannot believe it's here!!!
    Both covers look great, first one is simple and calm and the second one is creative and unique. Your neighbor wants to steal one of them :)
    I hope you continue to post every day :)))) to keep us going and motivate :)
    You saw my cover already, but I did something different for the back.
    Here we go ladies :) DD is on!

  16. Marusya, I bet my DD will have me shopping for my fave fish salad...lol I finally decorated our Christmas Tree and Ruslanchik was helping me by putting 3 ornaments on the same branch...lol, that was fun! But our home feels Christmasy now.

  17. Anya, I'm not sure how I will be doing my DD. I feel like I got to have pictures printed out in order to make a layout but I'm not sure if I will be able to print them everyday.