суббота, 8 июня 2013 г.

A cup of tea...

Hi! It was raining for two straight days here,

which gave me an opportunuty to finish one of my pages. It was published on Les papiers de Pandore blog this morning. This layout was made using one of their beautiful collections.

On this page, I wanted to document our love for sweets. Unfortunately, most of our meals are not complete if we don't finish it with a cup of tea... but that only half the problem. We like to have our tea with something sweet, or should I say: sweets - is the reason we like tea so much. Sad, but true.

Those yummy papers and printables, reminded me of chocolate, which is loved in our home very much. I raised the entire background piece to give die cut hearts some dimension.

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you soon!

8 комментариев:

  1. Lol, love this page- it really shows how much tea time really means to you. I think that all Slavic narod feel the same passion for tea and the sweets that often accompany it. I know, this type of tea time is so addictive- I'm trying to break this habit.

  2. очень красивая страничка, вкусная-шоколадная) мы тоже любим чай с чем-то сладеньким, иначе и чай не чай))))

  3. Это правда! :)) Ладно там что то мелкое что можно растянуть на целую чашку, а вот когда праздники тогда почему то лимита этим сладостям не знаешь:(

  4. Love the picture Anya!! Almost makes rainy days not so bad ;) and the pages is "yummy"! :))

  5. "yammy" page poluchilas eto tochno, nikogda nepodumala ctho iz takoy vrode prostoy foto mozhet poluchitsa takaya ideal'naya page! The only problem I see with it, is I CAN'T EAT IT! :) Well, at least the way last few days are here at work, I would eat it all!!!

  6. Ха-ха... Спасибо Ларисе за этот шоколадный шедевр! Я бы не против снова его покушать :))