четверг, 25 июля 2013 г.

July's random...

Hi! My little one loves to check on the chickens. Any time his sister picks him up, he points at the door. Here I took him outside and put him down to water our garden. He felt the freedom and started crawling towards the chickens' house right away.

 Katya let the chickens out and he started chasing them around the yard...
He would pick a piece of grass and stretch his arm to feed them, but they weren't as interested this time as they usually were when stayed behind the net... I wonder why?

Yesterday, when we came home, we found a huge pile of boxes. These were books from Cyber School for a new school year. I always used to to associate school with September. Bad enough that school starts in August here in this country, but seeing books in July didn't make my students very happy.

They still went ahead and opened the boxes...

 But then, they decided to recycle them...
No, it wasn't all that bad, plus they are great students, but we are not ready for school yet! Don't take our summer away! It's not long enough anyways!

 At least one of them seemed pretty amused by trashing the house with boxes and papers. Maybe because he is not the one that would have to read them later.

I found a thank you card that I didn't share here yet. I made it a couple of weeks ago using scraps of paper. The only "new" supplies here were the flowers, that I cut out from Echo Park paper.

Well, Thank you! for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your summer! I am working on a mini book which takes a lot longer to complete, but I still have a few pages that are not totally finished. Hopefully I'll see you very soon!

Until next time!

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  1. Oh, we love getting our school boxes, but ours usually arrive before we're actually done with the previous year, so none of that summer dread ;).

    LOVE the pics, too, especially the one of your cutie pie chasing the chickens! We so badly want chickens, but we live in the city, and there are rules here. I hate rules!

    We were actually looking at real estate properties with acreage last night on the computer, but we've got a long ways to got to get our current home market ready and the thought of starting over with renovations is exhausting!

    Oh! And your card is beautiful, too! LOVE all those yummy layers, and that peach... YUM!

  2. Although it's a bit too early to think about school in July, I bet the girls are excited that they won't have to get up early every day to go to school (at least I was when I was homeschooled). It's great that with homeschool you can graduate way earlier than you would've in regular public school. If I would've gone to public school, I would've had to go to high school for one more year after getting married. Is cyber school pretty much the same as home school?
    On that 4th picture where Alena is in hot pink shirt, she looks so much like Tanya!
    As far as Rusik's room, it's still a bit unorganized yet since we just moved to a new place so I need to get that done first before posting a picture. It's hanging in there unorganized since I am taking classes right now and can't get to it and many other things.

  3. Thank you Jinny! I didn't realize your kids were home schooled too:) And I know what do you mean about the renovations and stuff... It is exhausting!

  4. Anka, you are totally right about that! Even though we try to stay on schedule here. And I didn't know you moved again! But I would like to see it when it's all done!

  5. I am really not in the mood to talki about school! But those pictures are relly funny, it was like watching the movie :)
    Anka, yes you can graduate early with Cybes school just like homeschool, or you can start taking college courses.

    Our little farmer is so adorable on that picture with chickens.

    Beautiful card and different,haven't seen you using a lot of orange color for cards or layouts.